Ever had the feeling you're writing the best thing you've ever done?

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Thread: Ever had the feeling you're writing the best thing you've ever done?

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    Ever had the feeling you're writing the best thing you've ever done?

    I'm going through it now, and I have to say (despite how pretentious it sounds), I'm the most artistically satisfied I've ever been. It's definitely different to how you feel when you're simply 'tackling the next song', where you always want it to be better, or showcase another aspect of your writing, or something. That's good stuff, I'm not saying it isn't. That's a great feeling, too.

    This is like.....hmm, I guess if you were to give all your songs a rating based simply on how 'good' they were in some sort of inarticulably global way, you know the one you're working on is the highest score of them all, and it's not even finished yet. I feel all fired up about it, can't stop having ideas and recording them and adding to the song.

    This feeling is all well and good, but I started this song about a year ago, kind of knowing it was the best thing I'd ever done. Several people who heard it agreed it was, one, my closest friend, even said, "that's where you want to be". But I was starting to go through some sort of musical depression, and I just couldn't write anything anymore, and I stopped playing the guitar for weeks and months at a time (that's another subject I could bore you about, too). I didn't have what it took to finish it off back then, so it's sat on the shelf for a long time. That was pretty infuriating.

    Finishing this will feel like a combination of making a huge direction and quality change as far as my writing goes, and essentially breaking a year-long bout of writer's block (I say essentially because I posted a viedo of half a song I wrote about a month ago, but half a song doesn't count as breaking writer's block; it's another example of its symptoms!)

    So, I've not felt like this about anything I've written before. I would assume I never hit this peak again. In fact, I would almost bet my life on it. Life is generally pretty shit, and you can't get this kind of intellectual satisfaction very often, or we'd essentially be a happy people. I certainly hope I do, but I'll assume not.

    Am I unique in this? Has anyone else had this crystaline certainty about something they've written/done? I'd assume I'm not unique by any stretch of the imagination. Worth discussing?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassidy View Post
    Am I unique in this? Has anyone else had this crystaline certainty about something they've written/done? I'd assume I'm not unique by any stretch of the imagination. Worth discussing?
    Always worth discussing.

    Not quite to the same extent, where I've been recording something and thinking, "This is the best thing I've ever done," exactly, but I definitely have had a few moments (especially the last few things I wrote) where I'm sitting there recording it and feeling very satisfied with the writing, and that while I'm working on it I'll be thinking that I'm really happy with it and it's where I want to be going artistically, etc.

    It's a nice feeling - it's like, "Hey, suddenly I feel like a legit artist, because I'm proud of this and I'd totally listen to it if it was someone else's work."
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    Well, the hope is that this is not your zenith, that this merely brings you another step closer. Keep chasing it and don't think "Man, I'll never equal that one song."

    That said, it's a great feeling when you're satisfied with something you've created, especially when you're picky about it.
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    I had a moment like that during initial playback of the big finale section of my first album. It was all improvised and unplanned, but the playing came together in just such a way as to create this hugely intense finish. I realized that I might never come up with something like that again. I couldn't have possibly planned such a thing. It was really quite an emotional experience.

    I've since moved on from where I was at that moment, though. There are always new creative mountains to scale. The things that seem amazing at this moment won't seem so much so a few years down the line.

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    I've definitely had that moment a few times. The really odd part is going back and re-listening to whatever it was and realizing "Ok, I see why I thought this was great back then, but I've definitely improved from that point."

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    i always feel like i'm writing the best thing i've ever written. then like clockwork, i listen to it the next day and hate it
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    I'm consistently disappointed with things I write. It's not that I dislike it, but I can never listen to it objectively and always hear every flaw.
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    Yes, it just happen to me last week and I was very impressed with myself, but then 3 minutes later I realized how it was still a sloppy mess

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