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Thread: Nightwish...

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    not a huge fan, don't own any of their stuff sadly, but what i do know apparently:

    new Nightwish
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Nightwish - Amaranth[/VIDEO]

    old Nightwish
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Nightwish - Sleeping Sun (old sound, new video)[/VIDEO]

    my conclusion. the new singer, Annete i think, has a little more "pop" to her, little more movement and spunkyness, Tarja, the old one was waay more epic. equal IMO just over all coolness, anyway, regardless, there are some facts...

    1: bad ass keyboards
    2: bad ass vocal arrangements
    3: she's a fox! (both)
    4: sychronized coolness
    5: cute lead singer
    6: high over all cool factor live
    7: did i mention singer's a babe???

    they did a phantom of the opera cover that was bad ass, but hilarious cause the little goth girls crying and flipping out. "Awwwww, look how cute..."

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Nightwish "The Phantom Of The Opera" with lyrics[/VIDEO]

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    I've been listening to them for years now, and while I wouldn't rate them as my favourite band, or anywhere near close, I do have a little soft spot for them. Apart from when Annete joined. I can't listen to their new form.

    At least before, I hadn't heard many bands mixing lead soprano vocals with metal, whereas now they dont do that, and have lost what was actually interesting about them.

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    Wishmaster is a really good album. The others have their moments but get a little too twee for my tastes. The newest one with Anette has some of the best production I've ever heard. I listened to it loud on my big stereo one day, and the dynamics and power of the symphonic portions blew me away.

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    I dont like the new singer at all - Too Poppy for my tastes and I would rather hear more of the operatic stuff,

    /waits for New Tristania release... They have a new Singer as well

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    Honestly, I probably do prefer Tarja's vocals, but Dark Passion Play is just such an excellent album I don't mind.

    God I love this song:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - NIGHTWISH - The Islander[/VIDEO]


    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Nightwish - 7 Days to the Wolves[/VIDEO]
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    Yeah, "Dark Passion Play" and "Once" have just stellar production. I'm a power metal whore, so I love both iterations of the band, although Tarja could be a bit much to take at times.
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    I'm a big fan of "Dark Passion Play" and saw them a couple years back at a club here with my girlfriend, and it was a very cool show. Weird atmosphere for a "metal" show, since their stuff isn't really moshy. It was more almost hypnotic. And a wide variety of people there, not just metalheads and goths

    My only complaint was that Annette was a little out of tune at times live, but other than that, it was pretty cool.

    And yeah, the production on "Dark Passion Play" is incredible. The deluxe edition with the second disk with only the orchestra is really cool. It helps that it's the London Philharmonic Orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios

    I also didn't realize that a few songs on that album are references to Stephen King's Dark Tower series (which I still haven't read yet).

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    Which ones are references to the Dark Tower?

    I'm flipping through the lyrics right now and can possibly really only see a reference in "7 Days to The Wolves"

    Most of it is standard Nightwish lyrical fare, except for "The Islander" which is a badass track.

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