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Thread: New Pain of Salvation album (and video)

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    New Pain of Salvation album (and video)


    New album out soon, mid-May for Europe, June 8th for US folks.

    Sounding quite a bit different to the last album so far, but definitely good, gonna grab this when it's out.
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    That's really different from what I'm used to from them. Did they decide to just go for the radio rock thing? It's not bad, but I'm not sure that I really like it all that much.

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    Have you only just seen this? If so, you might not know they entered the Swedish Song for Eurovision contest and made it through to the next round. Their performance at the contest is now on YouTube (athough it's being removed as quickly as it gets put up, so might not be there). It was called Road Salt, I believe.

    I'm not feeling this new change in direction so much. Don't get me wrong, I love how PoS have sought out new ground with every album in some way or other, but this seems to represent a very conscious shift towards a commercial sound. The preview clips I listened to of the new album all seemed to follow this track's approach, so I don't think I'll be too impressed with it.

    On top of this, there's a fairly drastic and preening image change that completely coincides with the commercial approach to the music.

    That said, I own everything they've put out (including Japanese versions) and I pretty much adore Gildenlow's vocals. I'll certainly buy this just to hear what they're up to now. I'm all for trying something new - it's what this band have done since the beginning and the reason I think they're so stand out and truly progressive. I just happen not to like the new 'new' PoS, it seems.

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    I hope that this album won't be a 'POS' , 'cause I have to agree that I prefer their older recordings and more metal, less make-up-wearing rock style. The last PoS EP missed 'substance' and their progressiveness and solos

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    This doesn't do anything for me, and I liked their early work.

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    I'm listening to this now on Spotify. I'm on song 2 so far and it sounds like they've been listening to too much blues rock lately.

    If you're looking for progressive metal, you won't find it here. Mr. Gildenlöws vocals are awesome as usual but I don't really know about the music. I guess I'll have to listen through this a few times, but I don't think it'll grow on me too much. There are a few ok songs, but this is nothing compared to Remedy Lane, The Perfect Element or Be IMO. I even liked Scarsick, but I just think this album is too big of a departure from the Pain of Salvation I liked.
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