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Thread: IN MOURNING (opeth-esque , but aggressive)

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    IN MOURNING (opeth-esque , but aggressive)

    the thing is i don't even like opeth .. i find them boring except for a few songs here and there . however this band is amazing.. they are stylistically similar to opeth but are more aggressive .

    the shrouded divine is an absolutely fantastic disc. their followup "monolith" on the other hand didn't live up to the debut.. anyways a few of my fav songs from "shrouded divine"..

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - In Mourning - Grind Denial[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - In Mourning - The Black Lodge[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - In Mourning - The Art Of Mourning Kind[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - In Mourning - In The Failing Hour[/VIDEO]

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    They're ok... Opeth's songwriting is far beyond these guys though.

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    I don't like to think of Opeth when I think of this band. Their riffs, ambience, plus a lot of other things are different from how Opeth does them.

    I love this band, but if people keep comparing them to Opeth I'm gonna shoot someone.

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    I only listened to a bit, but it doesn't really sound that much like Opeth to me. Not bad, but not that similar to Opeth either.

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    I dig the shit out of this album and have since it was first released. It's got a disturbing amount of appeal for how basic the album is. Songwriting is definitely a strong point, some of the tones I found lacking but for a debut album it's definitely kickass.

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