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    Thirteenth Step

    I remember discovering A Perfect Circle back in 2003. In the days before YouTube, one of the few ways to find music videos online was through the websites of music video ripping groups - 50-something megabyte .mpg files put on web space limited in both storage capacity and bandwidth, and only the new and popular stuff made it. At the time, I was mostly into nu-metal. I wanted to be in the next Korn.

    The new-at-the-time video for Weak and Powerless was up, and I decided to check it out. Having never heard APC before, I was utterly disappointed, expecting a heavy band. Throughout the whole song I was thinking, when will the heavy guitars kick in? They never did.

    For some reason I felt compelled to download the entire album despite having just been underwhelmed by its first single, maybe hoping there would be some heavier material on it that would appeal to me. I didn't have a particularly long attention span back then, so during my first listen I'd just skip every every song that didn't catch my attention within five seconds, which turned out to be every single one of them - save "Pet".

    "Pet" started out pretty cool, heavy guitars and drums. Then came the solo, and I was blown away. It was one of those "what the fuck did I just hear?" moments. I listened to the song over and over again and started exploring the rest of the album, which grew on me pretty fast and became my favorite album at the time, steering me away from the nu-metal genre. It's still the most defining album to me. Well, actually it's a tie between that and Karnivool's Sound Awake from last year, which is pretty damn brilliant.

    On to the music:

    (Slightly NSFW due to partial nudity)
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - A Perfect Circle - Weak And Powerless (Edited Version)[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - 10. Pet - A Perfect Circle[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - A Perfect Circle - The Outsider (live)[/VIDEO]

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    Yeah, pretty great album. It took a while to grow on me too, but I love the feel of it and atmosphere overall. APC always got lumped in with a lot of heavier bands (mainly due to the members involvement with Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, etc.) but were never exactly a "heavy" band themselves. I mean, they were dark, but more restrained, only really letting loose a few times ("Judith", "The Outsider", "Pet", for example).

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    Don't forget this, great track.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - A Perfect Circle - The Noose[/VIDEO]
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    I've always been impressed with that weak and powerless video. It's really creepy.

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    It's a great album
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    This CD grew on me as well. I love APC's first CD and was a little let down my this one initially. The more I listened to it the more I liked it.
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