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Thread: I saw Megadeth yesterday

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    I saw Megadeth yesterday

    As it was nearly sold out, i didnt care for getting tickets as i also knew that i almost have no time for the concert. Anyway, after we finished everything we thought "well, they play already, but maybe we can get in for free then" - so we headed over to the venue, and yes, after 10 minutes of a bit small-talk - we got in for free.

    It wasnt even 22:00 and they started already the first encore-block. wtf... And GODDAMNIT am i glad not to have paid hard earned money for this. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE Megadeth since i was 12, but Dave's voice meanwhile seems like to be complete shit. (at least yesterday)

    The hard parts - he got away from the mic and let the audience sing,...but even the normal parts, he didnt nail any note - only the "spoken word" parts, like in sweating bullets etc., he got almost done.

    There goes my childhood-hero.

    EDIT: oh, his hairstyle still rules.
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    At least Broderick was there

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    that maybe would have impressed me, if the fanboism on ss.org towards his person in the last years hadnt already annoyed the utter shit out of me.

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    I really liked their last couple albums, but seeing them live about 2 years ago Mustaine sounded so bad it wasn't funny. I don't know what happened to him but he appears to have lost his voice live. I still think he sounds good on the CDs though.

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    I'm kind of glad that the last time I saw them was in 95 and they just freaking destroyed (ozzfest) I think If i saw them now I would be kind of sad

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    when has dave's voice ever sounded good live?

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