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    Facebook tip for bands

    Just came across this:

    Add MyBand as Tab on Your Profile or Band Page

    You can link your band's FB profile to your personal page as a "My Band" tab. Should provide a little more promo.
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    Another tip: don't spam your fans!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sami View Post
    Another tip: don't spam your fans!!

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    Yep, that's a great tool to add to Facebook. I really like the charts and all that it provides along with what Facebook does.
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    I've used that a bit, but find it's a little odd having to link it to ReverbNation.

    I've recently discovered RootMusic's BandPage app, and it's pretty damn cool:

    RootMusic - BandPages on Facebook | Take the Tour

    Check out our BandPage at http://listn.to/organical

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    And I quote from my friend's book:

    It is better to make a commotion than to stay silent in quiet pride, humbly bowing to the idea that by keeping your mouth shut you and your music will miraculously rise from obscurity into the mainstream. The only thing silence and pride will buy you is more obscurity.

    In short- make noise, that's what it's there for.

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