Dear Nuclear Blast, are you serious?

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Thread: Dear Nuclear Blast, are you serious?

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    Dear Nuclear Blast, are you serious?

    Dear Dr. Blast, your label released a bunch of awesome records in the past, some of them are in the lsit of my all time favourites. Well, i know you have to make money for your living, but what the fucking hell were you thinking by releasing THIS?

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - SONIC SYNDICATE - My Own Life[/VIDEO]

    Lol, to be honest - i dont really care for 'Blast these days, but i just saw this video, and the "WHAT THE FUHUHUHUHUHUCK!?!??!" does not go away, so i wanted to share that. Catholic TakeThat for the new "Metal" generation? Do not want.

    Oh, and i only knew this band by their name, never heard a song of them - did they always sound like the Backstreet Boys?

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    seriously! WTF!!!

    Don't worry about people talking behind your back, it just means you're one step ahead and they're in perfect position to kiss your ass!

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    What really pisses me off is that the male singer is English, so they've started marketing themselves as Swedish/British. Don't hoist that shit onto my awesome nation

    The only interesting fact about this band is that the bass player is Adrian/Daniel Erlandssons cousin. And that can't save them.

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    They supported Gojira/In Flames a couple of years ago (I was only there to see Gojira), and they were fucking awful, but they were trying to play some kind of swedish influenced metalcore, not this god awful "music". I think they had 2 vocalists then, but I wasn't exactly paying much attention...

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    How do you get to that "ballad", from this:
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Sonic Syndicate - Denied[/VIDEO]

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - SONIC SYNDICATE Burn This City [New Single][/VIDEO]

    Not that these songs are good, but The bassist is hot though.

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    I actually really dig the Chorus to that Denied song. The ballad in the first post is fucking horrible though. This band sounds like a poppy Soilwork IMO.

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    That first video needs to be hit with a Nuclear Blast.
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    Unfor I cant see shit because they block the tube at work, (and all tubes for that matter HIYOO). I've heard a few songs from them in the past and to be honest I really dug what I heard. However, thats not to say the above videos are amazing. I'm really anxious to see how bad it is now!

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