Not sure where this topic fits, so I decided general music? Anyway, so i've got a full band, and when we can all get together we actually sound pretty damn good. I've got a killer singer, killer bassist, and a hard hitting drummer (exactly what I wanted). The problem, our work schedules conflict, leaving us only able to practice late at night typically, which we cannot do at my house because of noise. We have looked all over the place for a place to practice, we're not rich, but we can afford to split rent if its not outrageous. We've tried storage buildings, which of course are all conveniently placed beside residential areas, or apartments that "called the cops on the last band that practiced there", there are no rehearsal studios or anything within a 50 mile radius of there, but I know there has to be somewhere we could practice. Just trying to find some ideas of places to look. There are a bunch of buildings especially down town that are just sitting, but I guess I don't quite know what to look for.