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Thread: Organical's first music video!

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    Organical's first music video!

    I thought i'd announce it here before unleashing it to the world at large...

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Organical Video - Targets[/VIDEO]

    We had fun making creative use of Wii Music, then cutting up all the footage and re-assembling it into something that loosely resembles a music video.

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    Nice Darren! That was actually unbelievably cool and well done for being Wii footage! Your tracks sound so freaking good too. Good things coming to you man!

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    Awesome! More is required.

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    Nice video. Definitely interesting.
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    Creative use of what you had available and it came out really well. Great song too, BTW.
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    Very cool music video. Reminds me of those altenative rock videos that use the irony of the music and the video not matching (usually a very light hearted video with very serious, dark, and heavy music).

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    Video came out really good and that song is catchy.

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    That's pretty sweet!

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