Pat Metheny: 42-string guitar.

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Thread: Pat Metheny: 42-string guitar.

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    Pat Metheny: 42-string guitar.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Pat Metheny Pikasso 42-string guitar[/VIDEO]

    This has been floating around for ages, but I never get bored with hearing it!
    "The greatest power one may possess -- in any situation -- is simply not to care what happens.

    "In fact, it's the only power, all others being a semblance and mockery of it. But you must also not care about possessing the power itself. So fuck it."

    Thomas Ligotti

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    I saw him play this instrument live on the Orchestrion tour. That guy exudes music.

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    Pat Metheny rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giannifive View Post
    That guy exudes music.
    There is no better way to say it. Metheny never ceases to amaze me.

    If Chris owned this guitar, Drew would develop some form of depression.

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    This instrument is utterly fantastic in construction, I've seen it up close - it's made by Linda Manzur from my hometown Toronto, who along with Grit Laskin, were Jean Larrivee's star students who went on to becoming extaordinary luthiers in their own right.

    That was also my first thought when looking at it, what restringing nightmare I wonder what what Michael Hedges could do with one of these..

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    I always love watching/hearing this thing being played.

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    Must be fun to keep that thing strung and tuned-up.

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    Someone please provide me with a Pat Metheny piece of music that's not just a collection of random noise.

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