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    Post Your Favorite Lyrics

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Bolt Thrower - Salvo[/VIDEO]

    Relentless barrage never ceasing
    Artillery has found its range
    Caught within the crossfire
    There is no shelter from the steel rain

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Iron Maiden Infinite Dreams (Studio Version)[/VIDEO]

    Even though it's reached new heights
    I'd rather like the restless nights
    It makes me wonder it makes me think
    There's more to this I'm on the brink
    It's not the fear of what's beyond
    It's just that I might not respond
    I have an interest almost craving
    But would I like to get too far in?

    Can't all be coincidence
    Too many things are evident
    You tell me you're an unbeliever
    Spiritualists? Well me I'm neither
    Wouldn't you like to know
    The truth?
    Oh what's out there to have the proof
    And find out just which side
    You're on
    Where would you end in Heaven or
    In Hell?


    There's got to be just more to it than this
    Or tell me why do we exist
    I'd like to think that when I die
    I'd get a chance another time
    And to return and live again
    Reincarnate, play the game
    Again and again and again.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Black Sabbath I[/VIDEO]

    I am wicked
    I am legion
    Strength in numbers
    A lie
    The number is one

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Decapitated - Spheres Of Madness[/VIDEO]

    The great fractal of existence sinks into itself

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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Ion Dissonance - Solace - 05 Nil:Solaris[/VIDEO]

    Without a doubt my favourite album of all time.

    Since she left I'm sleepless,
    A year passed by since the
    "She's Strychnine" (incident,)
    I've swallowed it and survived... (apparently)

    And now, due to its nature, history repeats itself....... she's gone

    Her, the knife that brought an edge to my life
    Remember when you use to cry out of pleasure and complete orgasm when we made love?

    Tell me!
    How could you take Solaris away from me? How?

    Why the fuck did you have to go and put us through this?
    Pound my dreams in to dust, did I truly deserve this?
    Am I that repulsive?

    Take away all that I had that was pure and true and give it to an insignificant piece of shit?
    How can I possibly have faith for a better future now, you fucking life ruining bitch!

    And still you're trying to play as if you had done nothing wrong...
    If only I could erase everything we lived together...

    No, instead I'm condemened to love you still.

    ...this is useless...
    I could go on forever... are useless...
    I will go on forever
    "W yn shn y zhī, shn y xng.
    Tiān xi m nng zhī, m nng xng." - Lao Tse - my band.

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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Opeth - Ghost of Perdition (live - Roundhouse Tapes)[/VIDEO]

    In time the hissing of her sanity
    Faded out her voice and soiled her name
    And like marked pages in a diary
    Everything seemed clean that is unstained
    The incoherent talk of ordinary days
    Why would we really need to live?
    Decide what is clear and what's within a haze
    What you should take and what to give

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