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Thread: Soilwork - The panic broadcast

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    Soilwork - The panic broadcast

    I've been spinning this disc and it fucking owns! I highly recommend it. I havnt liked their last 2 albums either.
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Soilwork - Two Lives Worth Of Reckoning (HQ)[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Soilwork - Late For The Kill, Early For The Slaughter (HQ)[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Soilwork - Let This River Flow (HQ)[/VIDEO]
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    I HATE the opener, but the rest of the album is pretty good, and it seems to get better as it goes along. "Let This River Flow," "The Akuma Afterglow," and the intro to "Enter Dog of Pavlov" are all incredible.

    The mix, on the other hand... The writing is great, which makes it doubly frustrating. I keep wanting to hear what this would have sounded like with a lusher, more Devin Townsend inspired production. :/
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    Wow, sounds pretty good! I had kind of given up on them, because I really didn't care for much of their recent stuff, but this sounds good.

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    Yeah the opening track is a bit annoying, but the rest of the album is solid!
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    Haven't liked these guys since Natural Born Chaos, just can't dig the new stuff (same can be said about In Flames for me too )

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Soilwork - Song Of The Damned[/VIDEO]

    If they went back to stuff like this, I'd be all over it though.

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    I picked this one up, but other than Late for the kill, early for the slaughter, nothing really stood out as awesome.

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    I also stopped listening to them after NBC. Their earlier stuff was what first got me into melo-death. I'll have to give this new one a few more listens. I listened to it once and wasn't impressed.
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    The chorus of Two Lives Worth of Reckoning - exactly my kind of music

    Having said that, yeah the production blows on this disc. I'm with Drew in that the album is pretty great other than the first track. When you compare the mix with Natural Born Chaos, Figure Number Five, or Stabbing the Drama, it just pales in comparison, which is sad. It saddens me. I'm a cry.

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