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Thread: Biographies of win.

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    Biographies of win.

    Type O Negative' Official Computer Email Page™

    Peter Steele

    A.K.A. Jolly Green Giant, Herman, Gorilla, Green Man, Lurch.

    Born in the late Pleistocene age and thawed out in 1971, Peter was raised a devout catholic until he was barred from his own communion for gross flatulence. Peter discovered he could write songs upon his 1987 release from Kings County psychiatric ward after 3 weeks of observation for attempting to commit suicide with plastic eating utensils. In 1989 he formed Type O Negative. He had written the bands original demo for the sole reason of winning back an old girlfriend that had left him for a sanitation worker, but the tapes somehow got the band a record contract.

    Shortly after his signing Peter was promptly arrested during his 1990 colostomy operation when the surgeon discovered 186 lbs of low grade undigested beef and half of a female femur bone in his large intestine.

    After his release from prison he was forced to leave his beloved job for the NYC Parks Department to go on tour with TON. He can now sometimes be sighted raking leaves and removing litter from truck stops and hotel parking lots across the country.

    Hobbies: fast food, redheads, and slim-fast.

    Josh Silver

    A.K.A. Super Jew, GI Jew (the great American Hebrew) Captain Rock, Zion Man, Nosferajew, The Grim Sleeper, The Slim Reaper, Girlie Jew, Mr. Death.

    Born 1944. Rejected by Israeli terrorists and deported to the United States in 1975, Silver has been trapped in that time period ever since. Although diagnosed 12 times as a paranoid schizophrenic Silver still insists his doctors are all insane and out to get him. After tattooing himself 184 times about the torso, neck, and arms he now believes it was all a mistake.

    Although a serious medical condition, his major epileptic fits on stage won him instant fame in the rock genre. He can sometimes be seen posing as a homeless person on days off. Silver has recently built a bomb shelter deep in the heart of Brooklyn where he patiently awaits the Indochinese invasion.

    Hobbies: avoiding bodily fluids, bacteria, viruses, and protozoan, exposing his ass at synagogues and churches, mailing feces to his enemies
    Kenny Hickey

    A.K.A. Lost Dog, Wolf Boy, Sid, Encyclopedia Brittanicus, Boris Smirinoff, Count Gackula, Jackass.

    Abandoned as an infant and found in a garbage dumpster somewhere at the ass-end of Brooklyn, Hickey finally rose from obscurity when he found a home in Type O Negative as a professional scapegoat and idiot savant. Sometimes said to be "the luckiest man to ever pretend to play an instrument", Hickey can often be heard striking sour notes and blowing cues during his electrifying studio sessions and live performances.

    The band discovered his obnoxious saw-toothed vocals when, due to years of living with syphilis and various substance abuses, he went insane and lost his teeth during an outdoor show in Denmark. He was reported to have stumbled up to his mic screaming,"Hello Cleveland!". Recently Hickey has rehabilitated himself. He says he's found God and believes he is living somewhere in France.

    Hobbies: going to the dentist, missing airline flights, losing luggage, shitting his pants
    Johnny Kelley

    A.K.A.: Pretty Boy, Bitch, The Hammock, Sucker.

    Born in 1998 in the back hills of Tennessee to his uncle's sister and sold on the black market for a pair of shoes; John was smuggled north to Brooklyn soon after. When at the age of 15 he was assessed by his high school marching band as "musically challenged" he decided to become a drummer.

    Shortly after being fired from the US Postal Service for taking 6.4 weeks to deliver 3 pieces of mail, he stumbled into Type O Negative, where from he was ejected on numerous occasions for smiling and having a healthy complexion. When voted "most underpaid rock-star of 1999" by "TEEN MAGAZINE" he was quoted as saying "just wanna play those drums."

    In the fall of '99, John married and took the name of the first woman that spoke to him and weighed in under 190 lbs.

    Hobbies: hotrods and double-wides, putting women to sleep, folding laundry, losing money in the stock market.

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    And if you haven't you should check out their DVD Symphony For The Devil. It is full to the top win all kinds of win!

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    On a Type o kick today Chris?

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