Hardcore dancing is stupid.

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Thread: Hardcore dancing is stupid.

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    Hardcore dancing is stupid.

    Detached retina, anyone?

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    hardcore dancing is stupid. i agree. fully. i want to kill kids that i see picking up pennies or skating in place or pacing back and forth punching the air. you don't go punching the air, hit someone "by mistake" and then try to apologize after. HOW ABOUT YOU FUCKING DON'T RUN AROUND LIKE AN IDIOT PUNCHING THE FUCKING AIR. fuck.

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    I agree.. I saw the Deftones last Tuesday night, and felt really old by the time it was over. I know 10 years ago I didnt swing my fists around trying to hammer someone in the face in the mosh pit. It would be more bodies colliding, not fists and feet colliding with faces. I also watched some guy get powerbombed onto the floor as well. Its amazing more people don't get hurt badly when jumping around like a fucking retard. Maybe I'm just getting old (I'm 30).

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    Personally, I think we should just arm these kids and let Darwinism run its course.
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    WTF happened?


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    What dumb is that there's always that one guy that "accidentally" hits/kicks people, but heaven forbid you actually try and put him in his place. I kicked a guy across the chest that was doing that and "accidentally" hit my girlfriend and he wanted to fight me because "that's not cool in the pit bro."

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    This is why I hated playing in Windsor It's a huge hardcore scene there, and so we saw the most hardcore dancing there out of anywhere we played in Canada (though, it was bad everywhere). The one show we played, it looked like there was a bunch of speed skaters practicing in front of us. Another show, the promoter and his friends were hardcore dancing in a tiny basement venue, and laughing about kicking our girlfriends. That didn't go over well. Fuck hardcore kids. They just want attention. Like, they think the band will see them from the stage and think "Wow, that kid's way cooler than us!"

    Also, every event page on Facebook for upcoming shows (metal, punk, hardcore, anything loud and aggressive that you can mosh to) devolves quickly into discussions of "pit beef" and who's going to mosh who harder, to the point that no one talking on the page is talking about the bands, or the show, but picking sides in a mosh fight.

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    A good friend of mine got his nose broken and got knocked unconscious by some scene-douche's flying ninja kick at a show. I hate these fuckers so much. I also hate how some bands promote this shit. Everyone understands there's an aggressive and violent component to metal shows but people can mosh with flailing their fucking limbs around like a retard
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