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    another example of him being awesome

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - 01 - John Mayer - Neon (Live in LA)[/VIDEO]

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    That's worth at least a couple of listens! now excuse me while I burn my guitars and drink lye....

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    This guy is the biggest douche as a person but man do i love his guitar playing

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    He's fucking hilarious as a person. Ever watch him on fantasy factory. Dude is a goddamn lunatic
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    Dude's a beast of a player, his live shows are a blast to go to, and even a person he's hilarious/crazy

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    I'd love to learn more of this style of playing.

    Though, this is really another reason I'm annoyed that Joey Eppard/3 aren't more famous. He's right in this style at times, just with a different sort of voice, and isn't quite a pretty boy like Mayer

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Eppard Bros w/ Mike Todd - 'Better State of Mind'[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Joey Eppard - Stranded In A Treetop[/VIDEO]

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    He's kind of annoying, isn't he? I remember the first time (only time, really) I saw him live, at the Iron Horse (I think) in Northhampton, probably a year or two before his first album was released but after he'd written the material, demo'd it, and had developed a bit of a Napster following on the college scene.

    I'd always written him off as kind of a DMB ripoff, but he blew me away - great performer, but he showed up with a fanned fret Novax and absolutely floored me. In particular, there was a spectacular cover of SRV's "Lenny" between his own tunes...
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    I don't know why everyone thinks he's such a douche - he does make funny faces - but even if he is, I think people forget that it often takes a special kind of person, usually one with a large ego, to perform like that in front of crowds like that, and manage a successful solo musical career.

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