For those that are interested, my band Sociopath finished tracking a 4 song demo on friday and it should be mixed and mastered within a few days. Right now we're trying to get a count of how many copies we need to burn, so if you're interested in one, pm me.

Tracklist is:
-Through the Deathamorphosis
-Schizophrenic Rage
-Dismember the Cadaver
-Rawhide (there's a bitchin' solo on this one by our lead guitarist Danny, so check it out. )

If you're curious as to what we sound like, we are a mixture of death, thrash, grind, and jazz metal. ( we can thank our bassist and some of our weird time signatures for that 'jazz' kinda feel )

If you want to hear some lo-fi recordings of us from our first live show, check out the band myspace:
Sociopath (Bassist found) on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads