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    Music & memories

    Earlier today I put on Manic Street Preacher's "Everything Must Go", after not listening to it for a long while. I bought the album in the beginning of this year when I was going through a bit of a rough patch (or more like the worst rough patch of my life), and I listened to it around that time. It's funny how it brings back the same kind of feelings as I had back then, even though I'm mostly over it by now, and how an album of great music can be almost ruined as it's almost painful to listen to. Even though some of the songs were songs that actually made me feel better back then.

    Music doesn't seem to have such a big emotional impact on many people I know. They usually just want something to dance to, or background noise and so on, and some go as far as to say that if you can't dance to it, then it's crap (idiots, I know...). For me a live gig can be something incredibly moving, almost like a religious experience I guess, and there's almost nothing better than discovering some new artist or album I like. Maybe I'm just insane.

    Anyone else had any similar experiences with albums, songs etc.?

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    Theres a few The first woman I could say I actually loved, we had 'a song' well, two. Both Stone Sour songs. There was 'Through Glass' and 'Bother'. I used to play them and sing them to her. Infact, it made her cry once, which is probably why they stick in my head. I did lose it to 'Bleed' by Meshuggah though


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    There's definitely certain songs that I avoid listening to when I can because they'll ruin my whole day

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    I have albums and songs that will cheer me up or bring back memories of something that was good but gone.

    If I need to calm down, Underoath's "Lost in the sound of seperation" or "Define the great line" always seem to work, and if I want to get amped up Every Time I Die's "The Big Dirty" opener always seems to work. There's tons more, but those two jump to mind.
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    Oh man my life if rife with that. If I hear just about any track off godsmacks fury album, immediately Im thinking of a few moments playing unreal tournament on ps2.
    Lots of stuff I listened to a lot reminds me of whenever that time was when I listen to it later. I'm especially bound to music in that way
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    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills Live Donington 1992[/VIDEO]
    The first heavy metal song I ever actively sought out and listened to , it was the donighton 92 recording too. Looking back I still remember the reason I sought it out was because I saw some horrible pop punk bands music video (hey, none of us have always had good taste ) and one of the guitarists was wearing an iron maiden shirt.

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    I have a ton of songs like that. In fact, every single song that was on the radio or that I listened to before 2004 has some kind of emotional response.

    The one that makes me feel kind of sick and depressed now is "California" by Phantom Planet. It wasn't a song that I listened to, but one that my girlfriend at the time did.

    Different songs bring out different emotions associated with different memories.

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    Man on the Silver Mountain always reminds me of this one morning in 10th grade. I was sitting in the front seat. My mom was driving us to school, I was listening to my CD player. We were going to pick up my friend on the corner. When I looked up, I saw my friend riding his skateboard on the sidewalk, coming straight toward the car. We made eye contact right before my mom almost ran him over . He thought my mom saw him. My mom yelled at him, but the whole time we were just listening to Rainbow.

    I have other songs that bring up specific memories, mostly having to do with my dad. But you know.
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