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Thread: Cool tapping/legato trade-off video

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    Cool tapping/legato trade-off video

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - TAP BROS!!Daniele Gottardo and William Dotto[/VIDEO]
    Sparrows (Space Punk, LOUD):

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    Sorry dude, but I made it through about 45 seconds before the wankery became a bit too much.

    Those guys sure have chops, though.

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    The first bit of the video had me going "uh huh, shreddy mcgnar" but watching someone effortlessly tap what most people would sweep is pretty interesting.

    I don't blame anyone for not watching the whole thing - I was trying to YT examples of chordal tapping

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    Pretty Neat Stuff! Both guys seem to have the tapped-legato arps like romeo and greg howe.. I am trying to get that stuff down..

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    Likewise, I dig the shit out of that kind of legato playing.

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    Sickeningly clean playing going on there. Given, muting at the lower frets has a role in sounding as seamless as it does, but the playing was still really tight. Definitely a little "too wanky" for something I'd spend a lot of time listening to, but it's certainly impressive.
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