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    Pete Thorn Album Teaser

    This went up a bit ago over on rig-talk. I'm looking forward to grabbing this when he gets it done

    Quote Originally Posted by petethorn
    OK guys, so I don't just make pedal demos and whatnot... My album is done now, at least the recording process, and I'm just dealing with mixing/mastering, artwork, etc. I'm super stoked about it!

    I started this project about 5 years ago, and it's taken awhile due to a combination of touring commitments (read: I need to make a living, haha), A.D.D., and procrastination, but I'm really proud of the result! The concept was to make an all instrumental guitar statement- this is who I am, and where I come from, as a player. It's not all hard rock, it's not necessarily cohesive, but it's ME. My intention was also to do the best job I can possibly do, while tracking almost entirely at home, and to spend as little as possible- to see how far I could take it at home, pushing my own abilities with the equipment and skills I have. I did do drums in a few other studios, but they are all home studios. We guitarists think we have it rough, try and record drums professionally at home! It requires a major investment. I'm so lucky to know Toss Panos, Blair Sinta, and Dorian Crozier, the three drummers who make an appearance on the record. I also did lots of drum programming myself, which was a great learning process- how to make fake drums sound pretty real and rocking! It can be done.

    Steve Stevens is on bass on 2 tunes and I'm just super honored that he expressed interest in doing it, I can't thank him enough. Also on bass, great performances by my old pals Jon Button and Jorgen Carlsson, and I play bass on 4 songs.

    I still am not certain how this will be released yet- possibly just digitally at first, or I might do a limited number of CD's through my website and possibly LP's as well. It'll be soon though, within the next few months is my plan.

    In the meantime- here's a teaser, this song will be on the album. I recorded this over the last few days, mixed it myself, and it came together quick! My intention was to show off the Suhr SL68 Handwired amp John Suhr just built me. I adore that raw plexi Marshall sound that we all grew up hearing some of our favorite guitarists use, I've always wanted it, and now I finally have it in this amp. Every guitar part on this is the SL68. I intentionally left the verses raw- 1 guitar, bass and drums, so you could hear the amp in that context, real pure. The guitar is my EVH Wolfgang, which I just love as well.

    Thanks so much for the interest and if you want to know more, I have a blog that is primarily about the album here:


    Here's the track:
    YouTube - PERPLEXED by Pete Thorn, from "Guitar Nerd"

    audio only version on my website:

    Peter Thorn

    click on "Perplexed"

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    I really like that track!

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