Unfinished Albums? (The "I'm Drew too" Thread)

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Thread: Unfinished Albums? (The "I'm Drew too" Thread)

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    Unfinished Albums? (The "I'm Drew too" Thread)

    So how many of you have albums (yea thats right I called it an album. I'm that old. Well when I started buying music it was tapes) that you have never finished. Me, I have been sitting on one for at least 7 years. Just never finished it and then the kids came. And now to put another nail in the coffin of my music career the hard drive in my comp died and my dumb ass didnt back things up so most of it is gone. Except for non-mixed versions and just parts that I have.

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    We joke about Drew the most, and Chris the second most, but in reality there's a few of us who've been working on albums for a long, long time

    Myself included

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    Add me to the list. I've got several things working against my musical productivity:

    A. I'm married, with young kids.
    B. I work full-time, and take two grad classes per term.
    C. I have OCD, and I suck at guitar. Not a good combination.
    D. I'm always convinced that I need to wait to finish something, because that {insert next piece of gear} is really going to make a difference in the tune I wrote 5 years ago, so I'd better wait until I get it.
    Disclaimer: I work ultra part-time for a local music gear dealer

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    Ha! This thread is made for us! See, Marco and I met a couple of years ago and hit it off musically immediately. First session, we belted out a whole intro part of a song, and over the next few sessions hatched out a fantastic overarching concept for the album, and a name for it all. We continued to jam for quite sometime, and when I figured we had enough stuff to build songs from for the album, we made the jump over to the computer side of things to start arranging, and this is where it all went horribly awry.

    Turns out, we both dabbled enough in the appreciation of electronic music to fall hard down that rabbit hole, and next thing we know, what started as a conceptual metal album was spiraling into some extreme electronic fusion experiment. Now that normally wouldn't be bad as rock and electonica have bumped proverbial uglies numerous times in the past, but we're kinda nerds who like inventing things, so bam, we're doing shit like this*:

    ...and this**:

    In fact, I have a list different/innovative things we're doing to take the project into uncharted territory. Just stuff that our brains shit out during drunken conversations. Of course, most of it is not the least bit simple in terms of implementation... and on top of that, a lot of the things we're doing with sample technology are beyond what conventional computing power allows, so custom computers and server farming of audio duties are being built up at the same time. But, I guess if you're aiming to do something different, some legwork is due to be involved.

    Actually, now we've got two albums in the works, an EP called 'Prototypes' named exactly for what it will be, songs built around the platforms as they come to be, and 'Event' will follow when everything is "dialed in" per se. Honestly, I hope to have the EP done by the end of this year, and Event done by doomsday.

    * - The Mariana Bench, a fixture for taking samples of notes well below the conventional limitations of guitar and bass.

    ** - Wired fret MIDI system being applied to Marco's guitar.
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    I just found a bass player so we will be releasing our first album either the end of this year or early next year.

    I've also got about 7 songs recorded, all I need to do is remove fake drums and bass and let the new guys do their thing on those.

    RHLC East Coast President

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    I've got about 10 or 11 tracks in various stages of near completion guitar wise (minus solos, I can't play lead to save my life) that I've been writing with my old bandmate since our last band broke up. That'll be 5 years ago in August. Actually, some of the tunes were in progress before the band died, but the other guitarist wasn't interested in them as he didn't write them (he was an arse, which is why we left).

    Things haven't been helped by a desperately futile search to find a drummer and my having to move 200 miles away two years ago. I've actually been back down South for a bit over a year, but with my mate working insane hours I've not actually seen him since my wedding day in April 2009. So yeah, this is going to be a long haul

    Moving up North did have the advantage of giving me a few months working with Stuh84 on some tracks, so there are some solo's he recorded on a couple of tracks. He's a damn good player with a really unusual soloing style, if you've ever heard Mark Mynett of Kill II This/City of God it's very similar. Oddly Stuh'd never heard of him until I mentioned it.
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