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Thread: Groovy-Tech-death teaser ( crosspost)

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    Groovy-Tech-death teaser ( crosspost)

    We recorded this on a macbook pro about 4 months ago.

    Edit: apparently I cannot embed this so: Peter and Ed by Fearsonification on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    I decided to upload this and get it out to the world.

    My co-guitar player and best friend Ed plays a majority of the riffs - I play the tremolo picked fast stuff which alternates at the end.

    It isn't exactly what I'd like to play, most of you know I'm a huge Morbid Angel Steve Tucker era fan so I'm more in to sledgehammer melodic minor kind of stuff.

    You can tell different guitars were used and we accidentally changed the EQ so it isn't consistent. I like how the riffs trade off though, and I hope you guys enjoy it.


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    TBH not exactly my cup of tea, but it was well played nonetheless. And I dig your sound, with a little tweaking it'd surely be killer. What equipment do you use?

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