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Thread: Bad Habit Road Rage.....

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    Bad Habit Road Rage.....

    Sometimes I can really agree with this song, with DC traffic I just want to hurt people sometimes, exspecially when it rains like this morning.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - The Offspring Bad Habit[/VIDEO]

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    I can understand. Thankfully I no longer live there.
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    My favorite road rage song for 10 years and running.
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    Wow. I haven't heard this before. I've felt like this a lot recently. Every road and highway I take on the way to work has construction being done on it. One of the highways is 2 lanes and the speed limit is 60 mph. Everyday, I get stuck behind two fucking stupid assholes who decide to pace each other at 40 for the entire 5 mile stretch. How hard would it be for them to get into one lane and let the traffic that is backed up for more than a mile behind them pass? Then, there are the idiots who drift into your lane because they're not watching the road. Worst is the guy who drives far too fast for the road conditions and weaves in traffic, almost hitting every car he goes by. I wish I had a megaphone so I could shout my opinion of people at them. Or a gun. I'm so glad I don't have a gun.

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    I take public transportation to and from work and I still find this song to be appropriate some mornings.

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