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Thread: what is music

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    what is music

    can anyone relate to being confused by the mysteriousness of music. like what is music. how did people from earlier times discover and learn music. dont the minds of great composers wonder you.
    im slowly learning guitar i have been playing for about 8 years now, it seems the more i learn the more i realize there is to know. does anyone else feel like this

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    Pythagoras I believe discovered that an octave had a ratio of 2:1 (golden ratio at that). The rest of the major scale followed with other fractions.

    Music is simply organized noise. It began as something to be entertaining and pleasant. Later there were rules of harmony and dissonance. These rules evolved over time. Now we're in the modern era where success is being the lowest common denominator and real substance will generally force a musician into obscurity. Woot.

    As far as the minds of the greats go, I feel once you've studied and had some experience with orchestration, you don't really need to know what goes on in their heads. Personality manifests in the style of composition as well as the music itself.
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    Yup I feel you on the more you learn the less you know thing.

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    thanks for the responses, i was about to go to the musical psychologist. but yeah its like each thing learn unlocks more secrets of how stuff works. hence i guess why music is just a theory

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    I feel like Nate nailed it. Music is just an organization of the audible spectrum of sound (20-20,000 Hz).

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    What part of Richmond are you from?

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    Music is music. What sets music apart from just noise? Order. Music is sound that is organized in a pleasantly sounding way (yes, even if that "pleasantly sounding way" is pure discordance and chaos. Different people find different things pleasant).

    I think that's all you can say that really applies to all music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ambrosius View Post
    Pythagoras I believe discovered that an octave had a ratio of 2:1 (golden ratio at that).
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