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Thread: Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl

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    Joe Bonamassa - Dust Bowl

    Album out since a few days, recieved it on Monday, gave it a few spins already, and really like it so far!

    Its definitely better than the previous one, Black Rock, but doesnt hold up to "Ballad Of John Henry" (which is my favourite Bonamassa record so far) - but i didnt expect that.

    Production is great again - and it really seems like that Kevin Shirley does the "one perfect sounding, one shit sounding, then again great sounding" tradition not only for Iron Maiden, but for all other artists also. Ballad is PERFECT in production, especcially the guitar sounds (which are the best i have ever heard on any record), Black Rock...uhm, not so much. Dust Bowl again sounds great! (Again: Not that good as "Ballad", but Ballad was perfect, so...)

    Of course as always a few coverversions, great ones again - FREE's "Heartbreaker", with Joe and Glenn Hughes on vocals; John Hiatt's "Tenness Plates"; with "No Love On The Street" again a Tim Curry title - which unfortunately cant hold up to "Sloe Gin"..but still a great song!..but the greatest surprise propably: He also does a cover of Barbra Streisand's "Prisoner"...a great, great, GREAT song!! I remember i've heard the original version once, but have to admit, i didnt pay too much attention to it. I corrected that, still i prefer Bonamassa's version, because it rocks hard.

    Bluesers are true to their idols, so the album is NOT on youtube already, i will therefor present you the only one of my favourite songs which IS on the tube, in a live version:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Joe Bonamassa - Slow Train[/VIDEO]

    (please note that the album-version is a bit diverse to that early live version)

    As soon as its up, i recommend to also check out "Black Lung Heartache", and let the oriental/medieval influence at the beginning not let you stop; its starting slow, but when it hits you - you are crushed!

    Overall: Great record, i REALLY love it. It rocks hard, is still "blue", and besides combining these 2 in a perfect way, he still manages to put also most of the "shredders" in his place. What else could you want?

    Highly recommended! I dont care that its nowadays getting "cool" to hate on Bonamassa, he is great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by petereanima View Post
    I dont care that its nowadays getting "cool" to hate on Bonamassa, he is great.
    It is?

    Sorry. I'm not a card carrying member of the "jealous bitch" club. So I'm not in the know of who it's trendy to be hating on these days. Joe's a phenomenal player with a really down-to-earth attitude. So hating on him seems irrelevant.

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    Yeah, to me too! I'm just getting the impression from other instrument/musicians-forums, when the common blues-elitist comes up and bashes on Bonamassa and his listeners.

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    He's a great guitar player...I remember hearing him first on the "Bloodline" record he did with Jason Bonham in the 90's....

    Don't have any albums ..buit I have two of his live DVD's "Live at The Rockpalast" & "Live at the Royal Albert Hall"

    ....they're both awesome.
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    Yeah, both are GREAT live records, and cover my personal "best of" almost in its entirety.

    Especcially Live at Royal Albert Hall is nothing but amazing.

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    Joe is the man. No hate here. I've also been following him since his snot nosed Bloodline days ("The Storm" is awesome).

    I'll look forward to picking this up.
    We're all musicians, still searching for our roots.

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    Man this guy plays his ASS off.

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    Bonamassa is awesome, the Live at the Albert Hall DVD is awesome. As is the one at Rockplast (?). Just such a great guitarist for the style he does, and he has a great voice too

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