MUSIKMESSE 2011 Report (epic content inside - Diezel, Blackmachine, ENGL, and more)

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Thread: MUSIKMESSE 2011 Report (epic content inside - Diezel, Blackmachine, ENGL, and more)

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    MUSIKMESSE 2011 Report (epic content inside - Diezel, Blackmachine, ENGL, and more)

    Hi guys, first post here! Just returned home from this year's spectacular Musikmesse, in Frankfurt Germany. I've thought it would be cool to share with you this experience.

    My time was very limited (just visited two of the eight halls that were opened to the public), but still managed to test some amps, shoot some photos and videos. So, stop talking, on to the picz 'n vidz!

    This is just the outdoor part of the Messe, not counting the halls, it was ENORMOUS.

    So, let's start with the Diezel booth! Here you can see me and our own Fred "The Shred" Brum, testing their amazing amps through various cabs.
    We're using a Blackmachine B7 and B2 for the occasion.

    There's also a really interesting part with Doug Campbell from Blackmachine speaking about his works of art, so you should definitely check this video You can spot the boss himself Peter Diezel, too! Sorry for clipping and rumbling, my camera couldn't handle it!

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Musikmesse 2011 Diezel Booth - Testing Herbert, Hagen and VH4 with Blackmachine guitars[/VIDEO]

    Here's me (excuse dumbface) with these pr0nstars!

    If you're interested, the one on the left is the same B7 that Jeff Loomis has played at the Diezel booth, specs are:

    -chambered mahogany body
    -quilted maple top
    -Bareknuckle Aftermath set
    -mahogany neck with ebony fillets
    -white and black ebony fretboard

    This fantastic B7 sounds huge as all hell, the Aftermath are punchy, modern and "in your face" sounding. The best seven I've ever tried. With all probability this is going to Fred's house, and we should expect a NGD sometime soon

    The other is Doug's personal B2 and has the exact same specs as Misha's B2, except for fretboard: Doug's one has mexican cocobolo instead of brazilian rosewood. Doug loves brazilian rw but has enough blanks for just one other fretboard, and now that this wood is illegal, it's getting VERY rare.

    This one was my favourite between the two 'machines, so clear, so defined and punchy, it just plays by itself, now I absolutely understand why Misha choosed it to record the first Periphery album.

    Speaking of BMs, Doug has said there will be a 7 string version of the B6 model (for now called B6+1), but please don't email him about it, he's working 16 hours a day and has very limited time to answer, but he assures once they'll be ready, he'll post them on

    Speaking of Doug: here's me and the master himself! Being a proud owner of a B6 it was such a honor to meet him in person and talk with him about various stuff. His class and experience are tremendous, and reflect on his guitars. A very solid player too, lots of groove! Loved his playing at the Messe.

    Now, let's talk about the Diezel booth!

    I was very curious to try the new Hagen head, which you can see here:

    I was blown away by this amp, warm sounding, yet defined, tight and very very musical, every note has so much character!
    A bit less compressed than the Herbert, but more compressed than the VH4, seems like the perfect blend between the two. It's definitely my new favourite amp. The Herbert imho still is the winner for 00berbr00tz and evohl metohlz stuff (the low end is unbelievable), but overall the Hagen is my fav. The VH4 had a nice character, but I thought it was too dry, maybe it was just the wrong setting.

    Here's the big boss Peter Diezel!

    And this is Peter Stapfer, Diezel's right-hand man. He designed the look of the new Hagen head, which is very cool imho!

    There was another new German amp at this year's Musikmesse, and it's the ENGL Victor Smolski head. Here's a short test I've made with it, using a nice Guerilla M-SR6! I'm not into EMGs but these guitars are quality.

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Musikmesse 2011 - ENGL E-646 Victor Smolski Limited Edition[/VIDEO]

    Personally, I thought it was too digital sounding, but it was extremely tight, I'm talking POD-like tight. The cleans were not my thing at all, but maybe with an accurate eq...anyway, here's the amp on top of two ENGL SE:

    And here it is by itself (very cool tolex):

    The ENGL booth was full of vips, it seems

    Speaking of Jeff Loomis, here's the Schecter booth. Too bad I haven't taken shots of the beautiful Schecter whor...ermm, girls with uber-tight leggins with the Schecter logo right on the ass

    Continues to next post...

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    The Mayones booth was one of the biggest of the Messe, I loved it! Ridiculous guitars and basses exhibited:

    And look who's there

    The ESP booth was giant, exhibiting all of their guitars, from LTD, to japan production line, to custom shop models. The new LTD acoustics are beautiful! Anyway, here are pics of the ESP booth:

    I can haz evohl geetarz?

    These are the so called "Eternal Descent" guitars, made for ESP's 35th anniversary. I think they look cool!

    Delicious denim quilt top

    Now, something that everyone has to do once in a lifetime, photo with the huge Orange wall of cabs!

    Some minor luthiers that really fascinated me were Frank Hartung and Jens Ritter, here are their creations, first Hartung:

    The red one is burning!

    Continues to next post...
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    And this is a very interesting/tacky bass by Ritter:

    The Warwick/Framus booth was, along with Gibson, the biggest one (they were having their own bars, WTF?). Here's the "mood" of the booth:

    There were a ton of vips inside the Messe, met Doug Aldrich, the guys from Dimmu Borgir, saw Mathias IA Eklundh and a ton of others. Here are a couple "vips"

    Johan Lundgren, Lundgren pickups' big boss! Who has the best earplugz?

    The uber-cool Steven Slate! Saw the new Steven Slate Drums 4 in action, new library, new everything, it was unbelievably good! should hit stores in june.

    Seems like I've finished this huge report, hope you enjoy it despite the very long post!

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    Epic first post.

    Thanks for the candy!

    Also, welcome to the forum

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    Wow! Very cool stuff there!

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    Making metal every night and day.

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    Whoah, cool stuff!
    Liquor in the front, poker in the rear.

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    Welcome aboard dude. That was a fucking EPIC first post


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