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Thread: Anyone else done this before?

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    Anyone else done this before?

    This past weekend, we had two shows: one on Saturday and one on Sunday. The one on Saturday was a general metal show: power metal, progressive metal, thrash metal, death metal, alternative metal, and "heavy metal." The show on Sunday was more extreme metal: thrash metal, death metal, black metal, etc.

    In 2 weeks, however, we will be playing at a show with 8 bands (including us)... where we are the only band that is remotely heavy. The other 7 bands are soft rock, alternative rock, and pop rock. And, not only that, but we're the band right before the headliner. The singer for the headlining band is a fan of ours, so he invited us to the show and we accepted, but when I heard the other bands, I just laughed. Kinda oddman-out kinda stuff.

    I'm wondering how the audience is gonna react, since I'm sure most of them are coming for soft rock.

    Anyone else done something like this before? Like... the only brutal death metal band at a smooth jazz concert?

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    This EXACT thing happen to my buddies band.

    They're a death metal band (kind of like decapitated with more groove) and they were headlining at a show with some lame ass emo/alt rock bullshit. The whole audience left right after when it was time for them to play. Well not immediately but after 5 minutes

    Myself and the bands other friends were the only ones left.

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    I've been in odd-man-out bands a few times at shows. It was awful. However, you might get lucky and there will be a bunch of folks there that like your stuff.

    Edit: I correct myself. I played one show like that that went over very well. Oddly enough it was the last one we had.
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    That sounds like an interesting line up

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    We haven't made the setlist yet. We're debating over going the "shock them to death route" with 220 bpm gravity blasts and tons of growling and screaming... or to try to go closer to their side and use lots of songs with clean vocals and more accessible guitar riffs.

    Which route do we take?

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    My band did a full Australian tour last year and there were some shows where there were different sounding bands that would have been out of place on the bill.

    The first show had a Deathcore band, an 80s metal band that sounded like Ratt and Wasp put in a blender , a prog band then us (thrash band). We did another show where it was mostly Deathcore and Death metal bands, but one band came along and had this industrial Stabbing Westward sound. It was really cool too. As opposed to yet another show where a heap of extreme death metal bands opened for us, I like that kind of variety.

    Though our last show was an rather weird, especially considering it was a last minute addition for our home town. We had a standup comedian opening.. , then there was a weird bohemian sounding band (imagine Dandy Warhols covering Primus), then us. I knew the drummer because she was the bartender of the venue and she was a fan of our band. At first it felt weird, but it turned out all the punters loved both bands.

    Sometimes that kind of extreme differences in bands are good to see. I suppose the other times I've ever seen an extremely diverse lineup was when I used to do battle of the bands.

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    My band played a show in a marquee in an art college a few months ago. There was a really mixed lineup. First there was an acoustic act, then a blues band and then my band, an instrumental prog metal band. After us was 2 indie rock bands, a dubstep dj set, a hiphop act and then a punk band headlined. Overall the whole show was diverse but we were the only metal band playing. Halfway through our set we had an old woman come in from a house across the road complaining about the noise we were making! The great thing about the gig was the crowd, they were well up for everything.
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    I saw the August Burns Red tour and they have Set Your Goals on this tour - a pop punk band with a couple breakdowns. Good band for their style, does not fit in with ABR
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