The best musician I've ever seen play any instrument, ever. (non metal content)

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Thread: The best musician I've ever seen play any instrument, ever. (non metal content)

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    The best musician I've ever seen play any instrument, ever. (non metal content)

    Is without a doubt Joshua Bell:

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - Joshua Bell plays Liebesleid and Liebesfreud[/VIDEO]

    And on a related note, 'D posted this a while back but if you haven't read this, it's a good, albeit disheartening, read.

    Pearls Before Breakfast -

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    That article was more than a little disheartening. I can't imagine how busy I would have to be to not stop and watch that guy play for few minutes.

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    Wow :/

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    rush hour in the city subway... if you haven't done it, you can't appreciate it.

    I probably would have turned my head and noticed, but if i'm on my way to work, there's a 99% chance i'm running late and won't have time to listen.

    along the same lines, i hung out for over an hour watching 3 dudes in DC make a drum kit out of garbage cans and 55 gallon drums. it was awesome tribal stuff straight out of africa. i think i dropped $20 by the time i left.
    just passing through....

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    When i'm in the underground, i'm usually heading somewhere, on a deadline, and my first inclination is to GTFO of there. I don't care how good subway musicians are (and we have some really good ones here)... i'm very unlikely to stop and listen.

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    Yeah, I remembere that story damned near killed me when I first read it.

    Yet, at the same time, I'm not surprised in the least. Being perfectly objective, had I walked past him while he was playing, I'm sure I'd have at least looked at him, and I'd probably have slowed down and lingered for a moment or two - even on a lo-fi video you can hear that the guy's tone is something special, and his touch on the instrument is masterful. But, I don't really know that much about violin music, so I wouldn't be able to really discern between a guy who was quite proficient, and a true world class talent.

    And, you really can't understand the dehumanizing aspect of public transportation until you've done it. The Boston T isn't bad compared to some, and the Red Line is one of the cleaner/nicer lines, but when I first moved to Boston it took me less than a week to get the hang of recognizing the locals and recognizing the out of town visitors - the locals were the ones wou would never make eye contact.

    Part of taking busy public transportation day in and day out, where you're shoved into narrow cars and stand shoulder to shoulder with complete strangers, many of whom are carrying bags and briefcases and a certain amount of jostling and invasion of one's personal space is inevitable, is the ability to "shut out" the rest of the world around you. It's not an invasion of your personal space if someone falls into you or has to stick their arm an inch or two to the left of your face to grab a handhold if you can mentally "shut off" the humanity of the people around them, and think of them not as a living, breathing human being, but as just another inanimate object near you. No one feels "invaded" by being close to a rock, a tree, or a wall. It's the same idea, and if you spend enough time on crowded public transit, you quickly learn how to do it.

    It'd take something pretty damned jarring to shake down that wall between yourself and the rest of the world, and unless you're a music lover this probably isn't enough. :/
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    Spot on Drew, spot on.

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