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    Industrial According to Demoniac :)

    So, if theres ever a time you feel like listening to something angry as shit thats not purely metal, look here

    Some of the stuff is pretty metal, but with industrial influence (Fear Factory for example...). I'll keep adding as i get more albums, but heres what i have atm:

    - :wumpscut: - German industrial weirdness, with awesome textures
    - :zoviet*france: - French post-industrial. Minimalist but interesting.
    - [:SITD:] - New German wave. Heavy but very trance themed…
    - 16volt - Original Coldwave, very cool stuff. Heavy samples.
    - Acid Bath - Slightly stoner-ish, but ‘dustrial all the same.
    - Acumen Nation - Coldwave. More drill’n’bass though than most. Nice twist
    - Aesthetic Perfection - Technoish. Cool, but nothing special
    - Agonoize - Really blippy, but angry vocals
    - Amduscia - Blippy, but angry electronic style
    - The Amenta - Probably more Death/black metal, but it has big influences and synth.
    - American Head Charge - Nu-Metal with bigass industrial influence. Heavy.
    - Angelspit - Loud Aussie industrial. Terrible vocals, HUGE beats
    - Apoptygma Berzerk - Older style dark, minimalist
    - Aslan Faction - Sounds like a 90’s video game. Kind of cool, sometimes.
    - Assemblage 23 - More electro, less angry. Good beats, but not original.
    - The Berzerker - jesu sounding. Grind/industrial
    - Bigod 20 - Minimalist coldwave with factory beats.
    - Bile - Angry, heavy, buzzy metal with massive synth.
    - Birminham 6 - Shithouse. House music that wants to be hardcore…
    - Black Comedy - "Cyber Metal" along the lines of Fear Factory and Mnemic. Very cool stuff.
    - Black Light Burns - Tool/NIN like Coldwave/Industrial, with awesome sound.
    - Bloodlet - Awful, shit vocals, kind of ‘hardcore’
    - Blutengel - 4-4 beats, dark ambient vocals
    - Brighter Death Now - Heavy post-industrial experimental. Wall of noise.
    - C-Drone Defect - Very electro sounding
    - Cabaret Voltaire - One of most influential experimental bands of the 80’s
    - Carbonized - Mininmalist goth/industrial
    - Celldweller - Techno, Electro, metal, and Industrial in one. Easy listen.
    - cEvin Key - Ambient instrumental
    - Chainsuck - Suck.
    - Chemlab - Original Coldwave. Punky, angry, awesome. Stereotype.
    - Christ Analogue - Newer Coldwave. Less aggressive (slightly), more ‘scratchy’
    - Circle Of Dust - Mid 90’s coldwave. Heavy buzzy guitars
    - Clay People - Ditto. But heavier, and far FAR angrier. Insane lyrics.
    - Coal Chamber - Nu-Metal, big industrial influence. Mainly the sampling.
    - Coil - Experimental. REALLY experimental
    - Collide - Soft techno with harder sounds and beats
    - Combichrist - Angriest electronic band ever. EVER. PERIOD. Awesome…
    - Coptic Rain - Croatian Industrial metal band
    - Course Of Empire - More hard-rock sounding, but awesome. Thick guitar sound.
    - Covenant - THE dark ambient industrial band.
    - Criss Angel - Sounds the same as Celldweller
    - Crossbreed - More Nu-Metal with more electronica
    - Cruciform Injection - Slightly techno-ey
    - The Cruxshadows - "Darkwave" Rock with goth-ish sounds
    - Cubanate - The electroish side of Coldwave.
    - Current 93 - Dark ambient. Kinda creepy
    - Cyanotic - Angry new Coldwave. Really hard
    - The Cyber-Tec Project - Sounds like Trance, but easier to listen
    - Cyberaktif - Minimalist. Hard to listen to
    - Damaged - "Hardcore" sounding industrial
    - Dark Illumination - A heavily Colwave influenced band. Very cool stuff. Similar to Hate Dept.
    - Das Ich - Minimalist but noisy style
    - Dawn Of Ashes - New American wave. Really intense
    - Deadstar Assembly - Thick, raw guitars with synth
    - Decoded Feedback - Kind of dull. Tries to be intense. Fails.
    - Diatribe - The Offspring, NIN, and more in one band
    - Die Krupps - Older ‘machine metal’. German, but you wouldn’t know it..
    - Die Warzau - Sounds like 80’s new wave
    - Din_Fiv - Simple, but aggressive synth music
    - Dioxyde - Electric sounding. Creepy but cool.
    - DJ? Acucrack - Drill’N’Bass with heavier samples.
    - Dope - Lame, but fun every so often… like weed
    - Dope Stars Inc. - More lightweight, nu-metal sort of. Cool.
    - Doubting Thomas - A Skinny Puppy side project. Soundtrack music, very ambient. Cool stuff.
    - Download - Another Skinny Puppy side project. Similar to Doubting Thomas, but heavier.
    - Einsturzende Neubauten - Hardest of the original ‘experimental’ bands
    - The Electric Hellfire Club - Satanic themed crap. Kind of goth-y, terrible
    - Evil Mothers - Weird coldwave style. Minimalist, and bad.
    - Factory 81 - Slightly like Tool, with a more eclectic industrial influence.
    - Fear Factory - Nuff said.
    - Feindflug - German instrumental noise band. Cool, but nothing changes..
    - Filter - Mid-90’s industrial rock. Really cool sound.
    - Foetus - Highly influential industrial band. Sounds like the 80's (yesway)
    - Front 242 - One of the bands that ‘created’ EBM. Nice, but dated.
    - Front Line Assembly - Ex-skinny puppy member. Fucking awesome, with normal song structure
    - Funker Vogt - More trance, but with a heavier aggressive edge. Hard to listen to lots
    - Genitorturers - Industrial Metal with a thicker sound. Cool if you like it…
    - Ghost In The Machine - Amazing newer Coldwave band. Great guitar sound.
    - God Lives Underwater - Newer style Industrial rock. Really easy listening.
    - God Module - EBM to an extreme. Simple beats with cool synth.
    - Godflesh - Grind/Industrial. Really REALLY awesome music.
    - Godhead - Marilyn Mansons first signed band. Sounds a lot like him, but better..
    - Godsmack - More "nu-metal" probably, but pretty big influences around a lot of music.
    - Gravity Kills - Another of the original Industrial Metal bands. Thick guitars and synth.
    - Grendel - Heavy and aggressive. Very cool stuff.
    - Gridlock - Powernoise band. Really interesting sample use, even if its not your thing.
    - H3llb3nt - Minimalist beat based Coldwave. Interesting, but I find it a little dull.
    - Haloblack - Simplistic but distorted Coldwave. Nice take on it.
    - Hanzel Und Gretyl - Terribly lame band, but cool guitar sound and I love the riffs.
    - Hate Dept. - The original punky coldwave band. Really raw sounding, awesome stuff.
    - Haujobb - Slightly ambient industrial. Some extremely amazing moments.
    - Head Of David - More grindy, but its there.
    - Heavy Water Factory - Very video-game sounding. Lo-fi, raw. Cool in short doses.
    - Heimataerde - Extreme medieval German EBM/industrial. Fucking intense
    - Hocico - South American Industrial/noise/dark ambient band. Personal favorite.
    - Hypnoskull - Incredibly distorted, percussion based noise band. Great stuff.
    - I:Scintilla - More Grunge oriented Coldwave. Female vocals.
    - Icon Of Coil - Interesting, though overdone, style of dark ambient/industrial
    - Imminent Starvation - Noisecore band using only samples of electronics. Interesting, but harsh.
    - Imperative Reaction - Very heavy, like Painbastard, but not as well made.
    - Insight 23 - Sounds manufactured. The percussion sounds like a factory, but bad.
    - Iron Lung Corp. - A healthy dose of distortion, factory ambience, and old Coldwave style.
    - jesu - The first album was still heavily influenced by Godflesh. Truly incredible.
    - Kevorkian Death Cycle - Meh. Neither here nor there. Some good songs, like everyone.
    - Kidneythieves - Huge. Dry, but cutting, distortion, massive but not overdone percussion.
    - Killing Joke - New wave/Industrial. Another of the truly influencial bands of the 80’s
    - Killswitch... Klick - Started out with more light ambience, ended up much more guitar driven.
    - Klank - A ‘hardcore’ sounding Coldwave band. Some of its great, some not .
    - KMFDM - Discodustrial of the 80’s and 90’s. The fathers of Coldwave, totally rad.
    - Laibach - German anti-nazidustrial. Interesting style, though not for everyone.
    - Laether Strip - Disappointing. Supposed to be excellent, I never got into them
    - The Legendary Pink Dots - Another avant-garde band from the 80's. Legendary
    - Mankind Is Obsolete - Modern, heavy, female fronted Coldwave. Really awesome sound.
    - Manufactura - Another ambient/noise band. Really intense sound, and well executed.
    - manufraQture - Some guitar stuff, mainly heavy synth lines. Excellent band.
    - Marilyn Manson - Everyone knows the Manson.
    - MDFMK - KMFDM backwards. When they split, Sascha formed them. The same.
    - Meat Beat Manifesto - "Technically" industrial, but with a far more trip-hop approach to music.
    - Mentallo & The Fixer - Technically EBM/Electro Industrial, but incorporates really traditional elements (Guitars etc.)
    - Merzbow - Tokyo based experimental band. Pretty noisey stuff.
    - Ministry - The fathers of Industrial Metal. Nuff said.
    - Mnemic - Pretty sure most people know them. Like Meshuggah, with more synth.
    - My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult - More discodustrial. Very groovy
    - Negative Format - Very trance oriented EBM. Interesting listen.
    - Neon Synthesis - Italian Coldwave band. Similar to Kidneythieves, but not as good.
    - NIN - The modern Industrial pop-icon. Fantastic music.
    - Nitzer Ebb - Another of the ‘fathers of EBM’. Ok music, but again, dated.
    - Noise Unit - Another side project of Front Line Assembly. Very danceable still, slightly noisier.
    - Nurse With Wound - Possibly the primogenitor of the whole genre. Late 70's experimental/dark ambient.
    - ohGr - SP frontman Nivek Ohgr’s band. Really blippy, and kind of shit.
    - Orgy - Alternative/new wave/industrial metal band. I love them.
    - Out Out - Heavy but old sounding Coldwave. Cool for a while, but gets old quick.
    - Pain Station - Ditto.
    - Painbastard - In the same vein as Manufactura. Very cool stuff, less instrumental.
    - Panzer AG - Hard, heavy, grinding. New American wave, but not as ‘harsh’.
    - Pig - Fucking awesome band. 80’s sounding, like KMFDM, but not as dance.
    - Pigface - Ministry’s side project. Interesting stuff, not my thing.
    - Pitchshifter - Started massively Grindy, ended up Drum’n’Bass… weird. Good music.
    - Placebo Effect - Occasionally credited with the creation of EBM, even influencing bands such as FLA.
    - Powerman 5000 - I love these guys. Metal/hard rock influences abound. Everyone must love.
    - Pride And Fall - A very club friendly approach to Darkwave.
    - Project Pitchfork - Generic Electro-Industrial. Derivative, and tiring.
    - Prong - Tommy Victor. Awesome guitar, more thrash than industrial.
    - Psyclon Nine - Huge black metal influence, but not guitars necessairily. Very angry.
    - Rammstein - I don’t think Rammstein need any introduction…
    - Razed In Black - Gothdustrial from Hawaii would you believe. Excellent stuff.
    - Red Harvest - Incredibly heavy, doomy, sludgy industrial anger.
    - Revolting Cocks - A collaboration between Skinny puppy, KMFDM, Ministry etc members.
    - Rob Zombie - No-one needs any more info
    - Rorschach Test - Coldwave after it began to get a bit stale (2000)
    - Rotersand - Really awesome, almost pop appropriate (but heavy) industrial.
    - Schnitt Acht - Old video-game, 8bit sounding coldwave. I love them
    - Schwein - Pig’s other band. Very cool, big in Japan. Very old school sounding.
    - Sevendust - Alternative, heavily industrial influenced hard rock/metal. Incredible stuff.
    - Sheep On Drugs - Weird. Veeeery weird. Sounds like stoners gathered and shared fantasies...
    - Shihad - More normal sounding than most. Cool stuff though, only slighty ‘dustrial.
    - Sister Machine Gun - Electronic influenced Coldwave. Still retain the 16volt like sound though.
    - Skinny Puppy - Strange, twisted, interesting, awesome, sounds like the 80’s though.
    - Skrew - After Ministry, Skrew were one of the original Coldwave bands. Amazing.
    - Slave Unit - Thick sounding guitar chords, shouted vocals. Ok in small doses.
    - Slaves On Dope - Heavy ‘hardcore’ industrial. Think the worst of Slipknot and AHC.
    - Slick Idiot - Project of KMFDM members after the breakup in 1999. Very similar, but slightly less danceable, and more metallic.
    - Society Burning - Kind of a mesh of Coldwave, and the new American electronic wave.
    - SoS - Disturbing ambient. Very interesting, but creepy and not easy listening.
    - Spahn Ranch - Honestly, it sounds like Disco… I was pretty disappointed…
    - Spetsnaz - Terrible. It should be the butt of many jokes.
    - Stabbing Westward - Incredibly emotional stuff for Industrial. Well written (I think) and heavy.
    - Static-X - Simple, heavy, harsh, kind of lame, fun for a while, but just not that great.
    - Suicide Commando - Really dark, minimalist, goth, and experimental. Cool textures, but cold.
    - Sybreed - Another in the line of Death-dustrial bands. Better than some, have a real interesting sound.
    - Synaesthesia - Almost G.O.A Trance like. Very trippy, but incredible.
    - Tactical Sekt - Kind of derivative, but still a good listen if you like the style.
    - Terrorfakt - More layers of massively distorted samples than anyone. Amazing stuff.
    - The_Retrosic - A lot like "Dawn Of Ashes". Another in the "American third wave". Great
    - Throbbing Gristle - More new wave/experimental possibly, but hugely influential.
    - Trisomie 21 - Another 80's new wave band introducing slight coldwave and metal influences. Helped spawn the Coldwave genre.
    - Tweaker - Chris Vrennas band. Equal parts blippy and massively heavy.
    - Unit:187 - Drum’N’Bass/Ambient oriented coldwave. Very cool stuff, terrible vocals
    - Unter Null - Generally dark ambient with MASSIVE beats.
    - VAST - Indie/Industrial kind of stuff. Very nice, with goth-style vocals.
    - Velvet Acid Christ - Insanity. He fiddles with loads of styles, but Gothic Industrial is his forte.
    - VNV Nation - Dark ambient. Darker than, say, Covenant, but not as well made.
    - White Zombie - Thrash-y stuff, but with big sample based sound. Very processed.
    - X Marks The Pedwalk - Interesting electro style. Focused more on synth than percussion
    - Xotox - Well orchestrated industrial dance. Cool but simple beats.

    Alright. So that’s my list so far. My apologies, I didn’t want to make ‘reviews’ very long.

    Generally, there are a lot of sub-genres in the genre, or rather: Groupings. Each grouping has its own defining characteristics (obviously) but even with different instruments etc.. are usually distinguishable. Heres what ive made sense of so far, with titles I gave them (though are not "official" by any stretch):

    80’s Experimental: The experimental stages. There was no "industrial" per se, but the early 80’s gave rise to the new wave bands like Throbbing Gristle, Cabaret Voltaire, Killing Joke, and Einsturzende Neubauten. None I think were ‘true’ industrial, but were the basis for just about every band that formed after them. Some would dispute putting them in this list, I disagree. They were instrumental in creating the genre, its only fitting given their sound that they are included. Some others would disagree that almost any of what I put here should be classed industrial for various reasons. Think of those people as the ones who refuse to accept that anything other than Pantera is not metal, or the people who think that classic rock is the only true kind of music.

    80’s Dark Ambient: The experimental gave way to the Dark Ambient styles. These were generally less machine oriented, and very VERY disturbing (for the times at least). Whilst not necessairily all ‘talented’ musicians, they all had truly interesting ideas. Bands such as Coil, SoS, Nurse With Wound, and Suicide Commando fit into this category.

    80’s Industrial; The First Wave: After the experimental stages, we got the first of the ‘true’ industrial bands. It was basically the beginning of "EBM" (Electronic Body Music), but more noisy than it would become. Bands like Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Laibach, and Nitzer Ebb fit into this group. These bands are the influence for basically every dance oriented Industrial band today in some form or another.

    80’s EBM: Soon after the first wave of Industrial, the first wave of what is now generally called "EBM" was created. Bands like Front Line Assembly really pushed the danceable side of Industrial creating songs with more conventional song structure to them. Front 242 are also credited often with the realization of EBM, along with (by some) Skinny Puppy.

    Late 80’s Industrial Metal: Near the end of the 80’s, as Heavy Metal really got into the swing of things, bands such as KMFDM, Ministry, and NIN started introducing heavy, distorted guitars to their machine music, to add a really aggressive edge to their music, and to make it slightly more accessible to the mainstream. A wise move sales wise (and personally I really liked this lot ), but it did alienate the elitist fans a lot… serves them right.

    Coldwave: Near the end of the 80’s, after KMFDM and Ministry had really become popular, a new strain of Industrial Metal was rising. Coined (most say) by 16volt, this music was very very harsh, mechanical, grinding, but it had a lot of Punk’s energy to it, and was an interesting twist. There were many different styles that were created in this general ‘genre’, but all were easily identifiable. 16volt was the heaviest, most ‘industrial’ of them. Using harsh, chainsaw guitars and very distorted "smashing concrete" beats, they were closest to the industrial of old. Acumen Nation created a very Drill’n’Bass’ oriented genre, using the hard, fast beats of Drum'n'bass and drill'n'bass, balancing the lighter sound out with heavier guitars. Unit:187 used Drum’n’bass as their primogenitor, keeping a sound very ambient, but with slow, grooving beats and heavy guitars., Chemlab and Hate Dept. used more punky approaches (though still retaining the intense electronics), and continued the tradition of very very thick guitars, and bands like Clay People stuck to a simpler, more ministry oriented approach, keeping it more "metal" than others.

    EBM; The first wave:
    The first wave of true "EBM" (that could not be confused with another genre, unlike the 80’s small wave) so far as I can tell, was with bands like :wumpscut:, Icon Of Coil, Funker Vogt, and X Marks The Pedwalk. They generally used very simple beats, with distorted vocals and slightly aggro synths. Some were much better than others, though the entire genre was generally a very popular addition by fans of bands like FLA. It was here that a lot of the really aggressive, goth influenced additions were made.

    Dark Ambient; The 90’s Wave: After the orginal Dark ambient artists like Coil, a new, more danceable genre came about in the way of bands like VNV Nation and Covenant. Retaining much of the darkness of the original bands, they added a far more prominent beat, and (some) song structure. They were more influenced by teh dark ambient bands, and retained that somewhat experimental nature, but made it danceable and pretty heavy. Excellent music in its own right, it got stale fast.

    The Second wave of Coldwave: Since the first, very basic, wave of Coldwave, the new bands developed a far more intense and angry set of music. Again, 16volt was actually at the head of that change, this time with NIN as another example of what the new wave would sound like. Bands like Christ Analogue, Diatribe, and God Lives Underwater were all a part of this movement. In general, it was a far more ‘rock-y’ sound, and was FAR more accessible to more people. In general (for me) it was an excellent change. It generally focused on scratchy synths, and a more rock-oriented approach, but retained the 'factory soundtrack' sound that Coldwave was famed for.

    The Mid-90’s Industrial Metal: Soon after the second wave of Coldwave, a group of artists more directly influenced by NIN followed. All bearing a very similar sound, bands like Filter, Gravity Kills, Marilyn Manson, and Stabbing Westward, were in this lot, and were highly influential (despite being criticized at the time for their similarities to Reznor’s incredible music..). It was this wave that really influenced the nu-metal genres, and modern metal styles, and were heavily introducing alt-metal into the industrial scene, with a very angst laden lyrical sense.

    Industrial and Extreme Genres: Not really a grouping in time, so much as just a general trend that started (most will agree) with Fear Factory, and Die Krupps. Blending the blast-beats of death metal, with the cold electronics and precision of Industrial, there have been a slew of followers melding it in their own way, including: Godflesh, The Amenta, Red Harvest, Rammstein, and jesu.

    The Darkwave line: In the late 90's, another genre of heavily goth influenced EBM came into being. These would generally be known as Darkwave bands. Bands like Pride And Fall, to an extent Razed In Black, and The Cruxshadows. I believe theres another side to the Darkwave genre, but much of it contains massive industrial influence. A very cool style when done right, very danceable, very 80's sounding, a little lame, but really fun stuff (ironic really...)

    The Electro Industrial Revolution: Keeping a slightly similar sound to Coldwave, but also taking a lot of the EBM influences from artists such as :wumpscut:, came the Electro-Industrial bands. There were a slew of them, a lot of them absolutely shit, but they generally went without the guitars and focused on keeping that slightly coldwave sound but with Synth instead. Bands like X Marks The Pedwalk, Project Pitchfork, Die Warzau, and Assemblage 23 were in this lot.

    The Aggrotech Scene: After electro really came in in the 90’s, industrial musicians incorporated this new heavy techno into their sound more prominently than before. Incorporating a massively distorted beat along with simple rhythm, but pounding bass and amazing synth, these bands kicked off a whole new generation after the new millennium. Included in this revolution were: Apoptygma Bezerk, and Kevorkian Death Cycle. Focused on bringing industrial to the club scene, there are now many clubs that feature this kind of music, and it became quite popular.

    The Nu-Dustrial Collaborations: During the mid to late 90’s, when nu-metal was really finding its place in the world, some began mixing the two genres together. Whilst it would not really surface until the late 90’s and the new millennium, bands like American Head Charge, Crossbreed, Static-X, Coal Chamber, Deadstar Assembly, Dope, and Powerman 5000 really introduced the electronic side of music to Metal. A good addition in my humble opinion, and it added a new side to a genre often criticized for being too derivative and 'lame'.
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    The Third Wave of Coldwave: The third wave consisted of bands that brought back the punky flair to their music, but kept a very grinding, and more metal oriented sound to their music. Bands like Neon Synthesis, Bile, Cyanotic, Ghost In The Machine, and Klank are included. This lot is a little hard to distinguish from the other waves of coldwave, but they all retain that very rock-like song structure, and the very signature coldwave guitar sound.

    Powernoise: As the millennium changed, so too did the musical climate. A new cancer was forming; noisecore or powernoise as it would be known. Knowing few (if any) boundaries, and oftentimes barely resembling music, Powernoise was generally sample based percussion, distorted beyond recognition, bludgeoning listeners into submission through sheer brutality. An exceptionally loud and difficult to listen to genre, it is really amazing stuff. Terrorfakt, Gridlock, and Hypnoskull are exceptional examples. Dont listen to it when you have a headache...

    Ambient Powernose: Though quite similar, a few bands stood out throughout the creation of the genre, notably Manufactura, Painbastard, Hocico, and Unter Null. All kept the same brutal percussion, but far more sparsely, and added almost beautiful interludes of space-like ambience to balance it out. A personal favorite.

    The Second Wave of Aggrotech: After much wallowing, Aggrotech made a comeback. It is often also referred to as "The Third wave of American Industrial". This wave is possibly the most aggressive and intensely angry sub-genre so far. Including extreme themes, distorted synthesizers, heavy bass, thick drums, and occasionally guitars, this genre is possibly the best suited to clubs, and clubbing people to death. Combichrist is largely credited with the creation, and bands like Psyclon Nine, Amduscia, Dawn Of Ashes, Grendel, Panzer AG, and The_Retrosic are all included.

    The Second Wave of Industrial Metal: After the third wave of Coldwave, a new set of bands came about, similar in some respects, but were generally more oriented towards the metal scene. This was the Second Wave of Industrial Metal. The Industrial Metal of the New Millenium. Bands like Mankind Is Obsolete, Celldweller, Godsmack, Mnemic, and Slaves On Dope all included industrial influences in their generally extreme branches of metal.

    Modern: After everything, theres a whole shitload of random acts hanging about. Aggrotech and Coldwave are really prominent at the moment, and i think powernoise is getting a little bigger as well. We'll see what happens...

    So that covers that. If I discover anything massively wrong with this, I’ll edit it, by all means lol Other than that, I hope it was interesting at the very least.
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    No Zeromancer, Ultraviolence, SYL, Suicide Commando, Juno Reactor?

    Otherwise, pretty damn good going

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    Suicide commando is there

    I think of Juno Reactor as far more influenced by G.O.A. Trance too, its way less aggressive too

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    Ill add the others mind you

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    You only need Fear Factory in that list. Maybe Rammstein at a let However extremely good post, I'll check some of those bands out


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    ^ Both good bands, yes But neither of them industrial in the true sense

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