Is it just me or are some musicians really naive?

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Thread: Is it just me or are some musicians really naive?

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    Is it just me or are some musicians really naive?

    Ok; rant time!

    So yeah; recently Iíve been coming across these musicians, who donít get me wrongÖmost of them are nice people but is it just me or do they have their head up in the clouds? I mean; yeah, I have dreams and ambitions but I know that Iím going to have to be damn determined and work my fingers to the bone before I can achieve themÖI know theres a chance I might not even achieve them at all! But; these musicians Iíve met just give me the impression that they think everything is going to work out for them.

    In my first band; our rhythm guitarist pretty much just gathered up local musicians he had heard of and put emí in a room together in hope that something good would come out of it (He also insisted doing the vocals; even though he didnít know the first thing about singing). It didnít work out of course; the rhythm guitarist and drummer were more into Emo and Metalcore crap while me and the bassist were more into Thrash and Traditional Metal. The rhythm guitarist wasnít too happy with that and he even tried to repeatably switch off my amp while me and the bassist were jamming to ďRun To The HillsĒ which led to me kicking him in the shin. As you can tell; it didnít last long. But every time our rhythm guitarist made a suggestion or came up with an idea; heíd always refer to other bands (particularly Bullet For My Valentine) that had done similar things, it drove me nuts. Eventually I said to him ďAll because it worked for them doesnít necessarily mean it would work for us.Ē I even recall the time I invited him over to my house to record a song using my Mac and him telling his friends he was going into a studio to record an EP. But yeah; it didnít last of course, thank God.

    But more recently I got in contact with this guitarist; we even met up for a jam, which actually went quite well. But after the jam; when he texted me, he just came out with a load of stuff that I had heard before and it just made my eyes roll. One of his best quotes was probably ďmy goal in life is to have never had a job just play musicĒ. But dude; in a band, donít you need to spend money to make money? How can you afford equipment etc. without some kind of job or income? Your parents canít keep buying stuff for you all your life; surely? Hes already talking about gigs and promotion when we donít even have a full line-up yet! Iíd rather wait until we had a full line-up before deciding our career moves; why run before you walk, yíknow?

    I dunno; I donít really have the patience for this kind of attitude, is it just me or is this common among musicians? Or do I just need to lighten up a bit? Feel free to tell me if Iím wrong.

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    Musicians are a part of the general public, and as a result, most of them are morons. Add in the typical artistic crazy-factor and you get a... unique bunch of individuals.

    Don't let it bother you - but don't hang out with turkeys if you wish to soar with eagles, I always say.
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    Is it just me or are some musicians really naive?
    Yes, many are naive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leon View Post

    Yes, many are naive

    You just have to keep looking for musicians. I've been playing and around music for about four years; I know exactly two musicians that I consider serious and good at what they do.

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    Most musicians, yep.

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    Some just need to be woken up to the fact that a lot of pretty well known bands (in those genres especially) still work when they're not recording or on tour. It doesn't work like how Hollywood portrays it where you get signed to a deal and then all of a sudden overnight you're a superstar. Getting signed is where your workload gets supercharged because now you're accountable to a lot more than just yourselves.

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    I had a guy who wanted to make flyers before we even had a singer and drummer. It was just me, another guitarist, and a bassist. He also tried booking a show based upon a demo we'd done, even though we lacked these elements, which is obviously a problem. The scary part was we got the gig, even though we weren't remotely ready. I'm sure it was a quality venue.
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    someone get 7 Dying Trees in here, I know he has a full-time job (or, is looking for one) while being the guitarist in Cradle of Filth; correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain they're popular.
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