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    New Wintersun

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    i dont have my speakers on this comp but thank you, man! THANK YOU!

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    Awesome, just in time for no one to care anymore
    I play bass in a band called Weaponlord.

    I also play bass in a band called Northern Crown.

    I used to play bass in a band called Faethom.

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    Wow. I have waited so long for this. Thanks!

    RHLC East Coast President

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    just stumbled across this version as well

    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪[Metalfest 2011] #6 Wintersun - The Way of the Fire (Unreleased Time Track)‬‏[/VIDEO]

    Holy shit, this is awesome to hear

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    Dont know if you guys saw this update from their site, or not:

    Wintersun live 2011
    Hi folks!

    Wintersun will finally get back on stages in 2011 as we're playing the following summer festivals:

    27.05.2011 Metalfest, Switzerland NEWS | Metalfest 2011 - Helvetica
    28.05.2011 Metalfest, Germany NEWS | Metalfest 2011 - Deutschland
    29.05.2011 Metalfest, Austria NEWS | Metalfest 2011 - –stereich
    03.06.2011 Metalfest, Hungary HÍREK | Metalfest 2011 - Magyar
    13.07.2011 Metalcamp, Slovenia Metalcamp
    23.07.2011 Tuska, Finland TUSKA OPEN AIR METAL FESTIVAL - Uutiset
    13.08.2011 Bloodstock, UK Bloodstock Heavy Metal festivals - UK's largest Independent Heavy Metal Festivals

    Besides that, we'll be joining Finntroll, Turisas, Alestorm etc. on their HEIDENFEST tour ( ROCK THE NATION ) as a Special Guest on the following dates:

    30.09.2011 DE - Geiselwind, Music Hall
    01.10.2011 DE - Gieen, Hessenhalle
    02.10.2011 DE - Berlin, Postbahnhof
    07.10.2011 DE - Stuttgart, LKA Longhorn
    08.10.2011 DE - Oberhausen, Turbinenhalle
    09.10.2011 NL - Tilburg, 013

    The work on the album has been progressing but is on hold at the moment.

    Jari started mixing "Time" in the beginning of February but had to put it on hold for now, because his equipment still can't quite handle the massive project.

    Jari's been upgrading his home studio equipment bit by bit and has now the latest Mac Pro and Cubase 6 but most of the plugins he'd need for mixing don't exist in 64-bit format yet, so he still can't use more than 4GB of RAM.

    With hundreds of tracks in each song project, the 4GB RAM limit is making his system unstable and basically impossible to work with.

    Some of these 64-bit plugin updates were supposed to be released already in the beginning of 2011, but we're still waiting. Once the plugins are out and Jari gets his whole system finally working at 64-bit format and without RAM limit, the mixing will continue - hopefully much smoother and faster than before.

    Meanwhile we've been preparing for the upcoming live shows by redesigning our whole live equipment setup: wireless systems, in-ear monitoring, backing tracks, pedalboards, rack cases etc.

    Jari and I have been practising together for a while now, and Jukka (who injured his finger a while ago, but is already better now) will be joining us next week and Kai in a couple of weeks.

    It'll be really cool getting to play live together again, especially since the band has been "inactive" for so long now. This time there won't be any cancellations, and besides the old songs we will be playing over 10 minutes of new material...

    Hope to see you at the shows!

    At least theyre mixing now

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    Quote Originally Posted by AcidWing View Post
    At least theyre mixing now
    Yep...and apparently every song has 500 tracks.

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    Damn, I should have stayed sober until their gig it seems....but the beer was stronger than me.

    EDIT: the Wintersun guy should also have stayed was that.
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