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Thread: Panzerballett anyone?

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    Panzerballett anyone?

    I think I found out about them here, but the post was of their much more 'gimmicky' Simpsons theme version, and I thought it might be worth trumpeting their more 'serious' work, as well as a few other cool 'covers'. I've since got all three albums by them, and they're seriously blowing my head off.

    They've got a real buttload of implied metric modulation happening all over the show. I'm guessing they're big VirgilDonati/Steve Smith fans. They have a female vocalist on a few tracks, and she's spot on, too. Never thought I'd be digging songs in German.

    Bird Wild Web
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Sebastian Lanser - Bird Wild Web‬‏[/VIDEO]

    Friede, Freude, Fußball
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Panzerballet - Friede, Freude, Fußball‬‏[/VIDEO]

    Abba's Gimme, Gimme, Gimmer
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Panzerballet - Gimme, Gimme, Gimme‬‏[/VIDEO]

    AC/DC's Thunderstruck
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Panzerballet - Thunderstruck‬‏[/VIDEO]

    Zappa Medley From Hell
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪Panzerballett - Zappa Medley From Hell - Part I & II‬‏[/VIDEO]

    Their cover of Smoke On The Water isn't on YouTube, but this little hint of it is
    [VIDEO]]YouTube - ‪PANZERBALLETT - "Smoke On The Water" (unplugged)‬‏[/VIDEO]

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    Jazz Metal?

    But that's ok, I forgive you . Besides, this thread is already off to a better start, since I had only known about the 1 song at the time.

    There's another song that I LOVE, but I don't remember the name of it. When I find it, I'll postify it.
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    Haha, I think it was your thread I discovered them in. So an enormous thank you. I've fallen completely in love with them. Musically, they're pretty much exactly where I want to be at the moment.

    I was trying to go and see them in Paris on June 3rd, but I just couldn't afford it (because I've spent money elsewhere; NGD thread coming).

    The woman who sings with them is absolutely amazing. She has a great voice, great range, and she really seems to 'get it'. There's a live vid of Zickenterror on YouTube (real bad sound quality, but watchable if you love the song), and she's really locked in on moments. Other times she's a little off, but it appears to be intentional - she always comes back in on the beat.

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