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Thread: Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

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    Anaal Nathrakh - Passion

    Annal Nathrakh are a band that i really need to be in the mood for due to their completley insane vocals.

    This new album of theirs is deffinetly my favourite so far though.

    Anyone else own it?

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    This is a strong addition to their discography, for sure. However, it is so over the top that I can hardly listen to the whole thing

    "Post Traumatic Stress Euphoria" is exactly what a 1:40 extreme song should be. The brutality and sheer violence of that track are quite bewildering.

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    Bumping this to add that I listened to the entirety of the new album "Vanitas" and it is disgustingly brutal and extreme and horrifying.

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    First time listening to them and I love the album.

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    The vocalist's proclivity towards BLAAAH BLAH BLAAAAAH BLAH BLAAAAAAAAAAH screams in the higher registers makes this band a challenge to me. Which sucks, because I love the instrumental bent. Other than that, 5 stars.

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    This band is awesome

    as Rom1 said this song is great.

    [VIDEO]]Anaal Nathrakh - Post Traumatic Stress Euphoria - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    My Brutal Death Metal Project

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    Their name sounds dirty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ironfistx View Post
    Their name sounds dirty.
    What, you've never been anaaly nathrakhed?

    Damn, bro, you're missing out. Kind of messy, yeah, but god DAMN it feels good.

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