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Thread: My 5000th CD!

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    My 5000th CD!

    Well, not really. It's the 5000th CD entered into my database, but there are probably some albums in there that I double-entered accidentally, and there are surely a few that somehow never made it into the db, and then there's the issue of how box sets and multi-part albums are counted and so on. But, there wasn't a dude named Jesus born 2011 years before today, and you have to keep count somehow, so let it be known that officially, my 5000th CD is...

    ...drum roll...

    The Burden of Existence!

    As of yesterday, I stood at 4997, and then I got 5 CDs in the mail. To make the official determination, I went with the order in which I purchased them, and this came down to splitting hairs about which CD went into a shopping cart first, because it came down to two discs I ordered from a bearded hillbilly in Georgia. In that purchase, The Universe Divide went into the cart before The Burden of Existence, and so history was made. (The disc before either was the compilation CD that came with Bruce Bordeen's new book, Power Pop Prime volume 7.)

    The two later discs are Believer's Transhuman and Armored Saint's La Raza, but I'm gonna hold off entering them so that I can savor the even 5000 a little longer.

    Matt Johnsen's Compact Discs

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    How is that Anal Stench CD?

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    Awesome, I am at ~ 2000 at the moment (and that includes vinly already :-/ ).

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    well awesome! that's a lot of cd's man geez

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    How is that Anal Stench CD?
    Probably comparable to all the other Anal Stench CDs, but I have never listened to it. I think it's still in the shrink wrap!

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