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Thread: Metal confession time (better late than never?)

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    Metal confession time (better late than never?)

    Death. Chuck Schuldiner.

    I'm in my mid 30's. Had a friend in High School who had Scream Bloody Gore on cassette.

    But I NEVER sat down and listened. Why? I honestly have no clue, really. I know I would like it and all the times I've complained about needing new music, this never crossed my mind. 'Been a death metal fan since high school, but just. never. gave. the. time...

    I even remember first reading the official announcement of his cancer on blabbermouth and felt bad, I STILL didn't start collecting the discography.... wtf was wrong with me?

    *This was until last week. It has been remedied.

    And now? I'm diving into a nonstop Death barrage until I know his music UP and DOWN. Damn me for not doing this earlier...

    Hopefully I will be forgiven for being this late.

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    It's never too late to get into Death.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt C View Post
    It's never too late to get into Death.
    Before scrolling down to read the comments, this is what I was going to post, word for word.

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    I've always appreciated Death, but it wasn't until the end of 2009 that I REALLY got into them. Ever since I've been a massive fan, but I still can't work out why it took that long for me to fall in love with them.

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    I appreciate his work but dont enjoy it, really not a fan of his riffing style.

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    Death is amazing. One of my early influences.

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    It's strange for me, how I go in and out of Death phases. Sometimes I legitimately love Death and their stuff is all I'll listen to. Other times I'll turn on one of their albums and it'll strike me as just meh.

    My favorites are Leprosy and Human. Scream Bloody Gore is great, but for some reason I can't listen to the whole thing in one sitting--I think it has to do with the production and how "woofy" it is. Spiritual Healing is interesting to me mostly for Paul Masvidal's lead guitar work. The last three, I'm still to this day on the fence about, especially their last one The Sound of Perseverance. Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic are both fairly interesting, although they are definitely the two albums that I remember the least from. Their last album, The Sound of Perseverance, really does have some excellent moments, and in ways it's a lot like Scream Bloody Gore in that, as much as I love it, it's so dense that it's hard for me to listen to in one sitting. On one hand, "Scavenger of Human Sorrow" and "Flesh and the Power It Holds" are two of my favorite Death tracks, and the riffing on this album is, in general, pretty cool but, on the other hand...when I'm in the mood for death metal, this is not the album I'll listen to. When I'm in a techy/progressive mood, I'll reach for this one before I reach for Necrophagist, but...again, I'm very conflicted about that album. A lot of that also has to do with Control Denied, because TSOP has a very Control Denied-esque sound.

    Oh well. I do love Death, but I can't listen to them all the time. I've got to admit that, these days, I'm more interested in Asphyx and Dismemberment, but every once in a while I'll turn on Leprosy or Human and I'll love it just the same.

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    I've always like Death, but they were sort of a backburner band for me for the longest time.

    Went back and listened to them on a whim about two years ago, and they've been given solid play ever since. Easily one of my favorite bands.
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