Do people still have House Shows?

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Thread: Do people still have House Shows?

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    Do people still have House Shows?

    My friends that live on the outside of town hold at least two shows a month, primarily all types of punk. They've had a metal show with great success and some rock shows as well.

    Through letting bands crash at their place after shows they've developed a huge network of great bands who are willing to play in a basement (with PA) to 10-40 kids on a weekend. I've seen bands from Florida to France there.

    Here's the facebook page:

    The Dude Ranch - Concert Venue - London, ON | Facebook

    I'm wondering if anywhere else in Canada or the US has this kind of thing going on. It's pretty cool to meet new people and hear good music for $5 with your own booze .

    Unfortunately some people don't want to make the trek, even though there's a bus from downtown to the house. Other people also think it's a gay bar - and Dustin (organizer) says "So what if it is? Why would that stop you from seeing awesome bands for dirt cheap?".

    I wish there was more stuff like this going on.
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    Our very first gig was essentially a house show, although it was really a house (in the middle of nowhere) that had been converted into a venue. It probably held about 100 people, had a pretty decent stage and a great PA with a dedicated control room. The following year, it was moved to a "proper" leased building.

    There are still house shows around here, and mostly for punk and hardcore bands. Once in a while I hear someone mention having metal bands at a house show, but from what I gather, it's pretty rare.

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    I know of a kid who hosts shows in his basement every now and again. Mostly punk, alternative and the like.

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    I've performed at and been to house shows, but they were special events, not continuous operations. A house Halloween show, for example, is a lot of fun.
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    yeah I've been to a few house shows for birthday parties and stuff but never performed in one which would be awesome

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    House shows are Really big in Richmond, VA. A lot of the bands (that i've met) prefer playing those there rather than playing the actual clubs. I've played one there, well technically it wasn't a house party show, but close enough at a place called Hells Satans which is kind of a bike club of some sort. To this date it was the most fun i've ever had at a show.

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    Absolutely, been to plenty around these parts. My friends house (affectionately refered to as "Fart City") is having a show next week. This will be the third show there I think, they've had a varity of people playing, lots of smaller bands but they've had some kinda bigger bands play too, they had the rapper B. Dolan come by last time and before that the band Math the Band played, next week the pop punk band Heartsounds is gonna be playing, it's a cool scene.

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    I doubt it was ever really a huge thing. It's pretty cool when people do have a venue setup in their house - different kind of atmosphere even to small clubs.

    Would anyone on here host one? If your band has a PA and you have space, that's really all you need. Bins for empties, someone to man the door, hand stamps.. done!

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