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Thread: Cathedral Appreciation Thread

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    Cathedral Appreciation Thread

    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Ride‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Most love/hate vocals ever, but the songs are all awesome.

    The new album is pretty cool too, the vocals aren't as good as earlier albums, but the riffs are \m/.

    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Painting in the Dark‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Easily my favorite song from them. Its also my fav. album from them. Utopian Blaster has a lead from Tony Iommi on it. \m/
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    Favourite song....I love this Ep

    [VIDEO]]YouTube-Cathedral-Autumn Twilight[/VIDEO]
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    Great band, I loved Endtyme, that album sounds huge

    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Sea Serpent (HQ)‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Alchemist Of Sorrows (HQ)‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]
    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Requiem For The Sun (HQ)‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    This is awesome too

    [VIDEO]]‪Cathedral - Cosmic Funeral (Great Quality)‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I have the Etheral Mirror and Think I only listened to it once. I got it ages and ages ago. Think I will dig it out and give it another go.

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