State of the "Record" business in 1979

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Thread: State of the "Record" business in 1979

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    State of the "Record" business in 1979


    Pretty interesting perspective.

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    Interesting indeed. I think record companies now are learning a hard lesson nowadays. With today's technology what do these corporate dinosaurs offer to aspiring musicians? They've been becoming exponentially more obsolete over the past decade.

    A few reasons:

    1. Getting a solid quality recording is dirt cheap.

    2. With things like Youtube, twitter, facebook, a number of different cloud sites and I guess myspace (if anyone still goes on that...) getting exposure is easier than anyone could have imagined back then. Yea yea, there may be a lot of crap to sift through but if you've got the goods you'll surface up fairly quickly and be noticed.

    3. With distributing methods such as iTunes you get a 30% cut of what you sell. Try to negotiate HALF that with a label and you'll have them ROFLing so hard they won't even be able to physically tell you to get out.

    Now what do these crumbling towers of greed really have to offer us? Really? They've had a number of chances in numerous recessions to try and reinvent the wheel but instead of being innovative they were consumed by the bottom line. Meanwhile a lot of people who love music were busy creating new wheels.

    The mega conglomerate record industry will never regain what it was and how prosperous it was in the 20th century. In the long term that will be a very unique time in musical history that served a very valid purpose and no matter how exciting it was and no matter how nostalgic we get over it we will never be able to duplicate it.

    They made music into a commodity but now it's returning to its original form; art.

    Oh well boys, it was fun while it lasted.

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    Music, any way you cut it, is just another commodity to be bought and sold by millionaires. The American public NEED some kind of superstar/teen heart throb, ie. Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, The Jonas Brothers(sooo 2009), etc. At the same time, it depends on location. Location being paramount to who buys what. I work in a relatively medium sized town(60,000) and some days it's hard to break a thousand dollars of sales, other days we can make three thousand. My favorite record stores are small, independent ones, like The Exclusive Company(where I work), and a few assorted others in the area. iTunes blows, but Capitalism is Capitalism. I think physical medium isn't dead, but from a profitability standpoint(like everything) it's dwindling, but those that love it, like me and my friends, are holding on dearly.

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    It's just all about the unsustainable cycle that comes about because of excessive greed and desire to have the money as quick as possible.
    You only have to look at the economic down turn of recent years to see that wanting all the money in the world today but not thinking about the possible consequences of not thinking 1 year into the future to see what a problem it is in pretty much most industries, not just music.

    The gaming industry and film industry are equally as bad when it comes to throwing increasingly homogenized garbage at the public.
    Stuff that sells well at the time, but 12 months later it's forgotten about and dumped in favor of the next in thing.
    It's only so long before the whole thing shits itself and people need to re think stuff.
    Of course the rethinking stuff just revolves around finding other ways/other ideas to get money as quickly as possible which ends up having long term consequences, and the cycle will continue viciously.
    Nothing will change unless the public wakes up and starts to actually think about the future rather than always living it up in the present.
    And the general public being as stupid and not conscious of their surrounding as they are, yeah it's safe to say it will remain the same for some time yet.

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    Anymore a lot of medium sized bands are creating their own online merchandising sites. Make money off touring and festival gigs, merchandise, and produce records in hope of getting their investments back. Honestly some of the best things I've seen are sites like livedownloads. People will pay quality money for copies of shows they've been at. And are much harder to pirate. Band's doing that are probably making more money off those than they are off studio albums. Speaking a lot are just using soundboards. Some of the bigger bands are using multi-track hard disk recorders and mixing them as they tour.

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    State of the record business in 1979:

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    Also true.

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