Red Seas Fire - Cipher (Playthrough)

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Thread: Red Seas Fire - Cipher (Playthrough)

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    Red Seas Fire - Cipher (Playthrough)

    [VIDEO]]‪Red Seas Fire - Cipher - PeteyG & Nolly Playthrough‬‏ - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    sick sounding song so far, wonder what it will be like with vocals.

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    it's awesome, nuff said! Good work Adam...

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    Always like RSF's stuff, one of the few "djent" influenced bands who have something unique. Plus, bloody awesome riffs and musicians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuh84 View Post
    Always like RSF's stuff, one of the few "djent" influenced bands who have something unique. Plus, bloody awesome riffs and musicians.
    That's exactly how I feel about them.
    "Sometimes you have to confront your own patterns and expectations of yourself and do away with things that you enjoy doing in order to move forward and keep evolving as a musician. That's exactly the definition of the word progressive of course." —Steven Wilson

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    nolly and pete are awesome guys, and i like what i have heard of rsf, but honostly, this just sounds like the dumptruck load of other djent bands out there.
    Sorry nolly! That being said, i quite like this. I'm just glad it doesnt have the bulby ambient parts, and has a nice little soulfull sounding solo peice in there.

    I think the one real redeaming quality of this is that there isnt some whiney prick singing over it and messing it up. Thats what really ruined bulbs stuff for me
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    Sweet fuck that was awesome!

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