So, I discovered this band this summer, and really like their sound and energy, and I started looking into them more, mainly through youtube, and discovered that they've evolved stylistically from their early days.

For example, here's them a few years ago:
[VIDEO]]Larry and His Flask- Beggers Will Ride - YouTube[/VIDEO]
Somewhat interesting country-influenced punk rock with some decent energy and stage antics.

And here's what they sound like now (I took this video, this was the first time I heard them):
[VIDEO]]Larry and his Flask - Unplugged at Warped Tour 2011 - YouTube[/VIDEO]

Singer from the first video is now the drummer, they've added 3 a couple more members, and gone to a folk/bluegrass/punk sound. Apparently they busk like this all the time while on tour.

This was at Warped Tour. I saw them getting on stage earlier in the day for their regular set and thought it was interesting to see banjo and upright bass on stage at Warped Tour, but I was on my way to a different stage to catch a different band. Then, while eating in the food court sort of building, we heard music and saw a gathering off across the hall and went to check it out, it was these guys, just bombed in to play for whoever wanted to listen