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Thread: One-Man-Band Solo Project (for fans of metalcore)

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    One-Man-Band Solo Project (for fans of metalcore)

    DRL | Facebook

    I have a free single up for free download at the moment (follow the link), and I have an EP coming out soon that's a little heavier, more old For The Fallen Dreams vibe!

    Hope you all enjoy!


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    Sounds good for the style, but you won't find many fans of the vocals here, most likely.

    Autotune vocals are not (death) metal, or hardcore, so how did they become the norm in metalcore/deathcore?

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    I like that you actually have some solid riffs. A lot of bands in this genre just have breakdown after freaking breakdown. I went to see Allegaeon last tuesday and the 4 bands before them hardly did anything but breakdowns. God I was about to fucking rip my ears off. Instead I left and went to a bar then came back for Allegaeon.

    I thought the screams were ok, actually pretty good! I totally hate autotune vocals though. I seriously would rather just hear somebody sing off-key.

    The mix sounded good though! Nothing bad there, just my opinion on the style.

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    Your screaming reminds me of Throwdown. Haven't gotten to the singing yet.

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