One of the best funk breakdowns ever...

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Thread: One of the best funk breakdowns ever...

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    One of the best funk breakdowns ever... located at 3:47. much kickassery!

    [VIDEO]]Extreme - Cupid's Dead (live@Boston 2009) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    No tritones no breakdown lolzers!

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    Saw the thread title and new exactly what it was.

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    nuno is one badass mofo!

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    This was the first thing my friend showed me from them... blew me the fuck away.

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    Those guys never got the credit they deserved, especially once they started having a bunch of ballady hits.

    That breakdown section reminds me a little of Frank Marino's "The Answer," but supercharged.

    [VIDEO]]Frank Marino / Mahogany Rush, ..The Answer. (Live with animated inserts)..wmv - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    Nuno's a fucking monster player. He rips it up and doesn't sound like he was weened on a metronome. He just has this super loose funky feel that melts face.
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    I had forgot he was in Extreme... Time to look up some more Extreme songs

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