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Thread: I miss Lord WORM

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    I miss Lord WORM

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_xeyQbDjZo]Cryptopsy: Carrionshine [Live][HD] - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    headbanging like a madman in a straight jacket at 3:02

    though I'm still looking forward to the upcoming Crytopsy material since Jon Levasseur has rejoined
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    while i dont miss lord worm at all i am deffinetly looking forward to the new stuff with Levasseur back on guitar!

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    I miss Lord Worm too

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    I like Lord Worm's weiiiiird way of singing/growling. Just... really really weird. But it fit the music, I think.

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    i just miss badass cryptopsy in general
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    Gotta say as much as I love Lord Worm/Cryptopsy, I think they are way overrated when you take into account that Sylvain Houde era Kataklysm is way crazier. I think Sylvain Houde was a better vocalist than Worm, and the lyrics are better as well. He took the insane guy ranting/screaming thing to a whole new level.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCNpNCRLYXE]Kataklysm Frozen in Time - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Not an insult to Cryptopsy in any way, and I still think NSV is one of the best DM albums out there. Just pointing you guys who enjoy Cryptopsy to something else you might enjoy.

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    Cryptopsy has 3 albums I'll listen to. I just cannot get into Desalvo's voice.

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    NSV is one the best metal releases to come out of canada/north america.

    He is an english teacher somewhere if you miss him so much. haha.

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