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Thread: Animals as Leaders - Weightless

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    Animals as Leaders - Weightless

    Has anyone else gotten it yet? I'm freaking blown away by it! I've already listened to it several times through and i'm not even starting to get tired of it. Every song has awesome parts in it. I think they're using the 8 string better than any other band out there right now.

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    I'm extremely disapointed by it.

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    I liked it.
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    Blown away.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merritt stone View Post
    I'm extremely disapointed by it.
    how come? i've heard other people express the same thing, and i just don't understand it...

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    Seems the first album had better overall songs. Weightless has a ton of cool parts (as expected, tosin is awesome) don't get me wrong. The overall feel of the album is just.....idk. something's missing or different compared to the first album. maybe i just need to spend more time with it. Makes me wonder how it would have turned out if Misha had been involved this time around though.

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    Lots of technicality, little memorability. The first one was a little better, but fell out of my regular listening rotation pretty quickly.
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    I heard it was pretty badass, but I haven't listened to anything from it yet.

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