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Thread: NGD: Jackson Custom Shop 7 String! (56k = Arrow in the knee)

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    NGD: Jackson Custom Shop 7 String! (56k = Arrow in the knee)

    So this one did not take long to get finished up/arrive here!
    I have to say, working with Jackson has really raised the bar with their artist service. They really are extremely easy to work with, and very nice dudes all around, and they work fast without sacrificing quality!

    For those of you who haven't caught the build thread, this guitar was a bit of a different approach and a bit of an experiment because i had noticed a pattern that all of my favorite guitars for recording seemed to have Basswood bodies and Bolt-on maple necks.
    Since Basswood isnt the prettiest wood, i figured this would be my chance to also get a more minimalist look by just getting a flat finish, and being the lover of blues and cars that i am, i figured Laguna Seca blue would be perfect (and they nailed it!)

    So did my experiment work?
    Im sure it has to do with the overall quality of the parts and the level of attention put into the fit and finish of the guitar, but this guitar was a resounding success. The guitar has a ton of attack, and when it comes to rhythm tones, it sits somewhere in between the pissed off sound of the Daemoness and the purry warm chords of Nolly's ViK.
    The guitar actually surprised me with how big the low mids were, as i was expecting it to sound a bit thinner, but i think the fact that the body is so thick on the instrument allows for it to have those frequencies, and that really makes it sound big on chords!

    The action is stupidly low and it plays absolutely effortlessly (as it should!) and the attention to detail on the "P" inlay is just the icing on the cake!
    I have only one qualm with the guitar, because of the thick body and the fact that i didn't specify what kind of heel i wanted (i am usually not picky) the heel on the guitar is absolutely massive and square, and it makes the access to the highest frets a bit awkward.
    I told Jackson that and they said they had noticed the heel was a bit on the huge side themselves, and that once im done with the album recording sessions they would be happy to contour it for me!

    So with that said, i am really excited to have this in time for guitar tracking for the new album. This alongside with the Daemoness, Decibel, Strandberg and ViK will allow for the ultimate range of tones for the recording, and this one will also absolutely shine as a live guitar, so i should be taking this with me on the Dream Theater tour as well!

    Anyways enough talk, here are some pics! (On a quick side note, this color is damn hard to shoot, it throws the color sensors on my dslr way off with its intense blueness, but i tried to capture it as best as i could)

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    And by horrible I mean beautiful and delightful, that looks amazing.

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    Looks hot

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    I whole fartedly approve of this fine instrument! That headstock is killer too!


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    Soooo nice

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    Looks awesome. I didn't really expect it come out looking as good as it does, but it sure is purty.

    What is that guitar on the left in the first two pictures? The fretboard inlays on that look amazing. And the color is gorgeous too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Naren View Post
    What is that guitar on the left in the first two pictures? The fretboard inlays on that look amazing. And the color is gorgeous too.
    A Daemoness - NGD: Daemoness Cimmerian 7 String (Blue Fade/Bulb Inlay)

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    That guitar is hawt!

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