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Thread: metal + elfman + other poop

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    metal + elfman + other poop

    Forgive me if you are insulted by my spam.

    this is an instrumental demo mah band put out. It's a mixture of a bunch of interesting orchestral elements. Ignore the slop and terrible guitar tone, axe fx is on my to-get list once I get myself sum $$. I am using a cheap amp because I iz poor
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    god damn

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    Freakin' epic!

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    are you fuckin kidding me? this is awesome.

    no shit man, this is EXACTLY what I want my solo stuff to sound like. very well done, props!

    which plugins did you use for the orchestral and chorus parts?

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    Awesome ( picking torn face up from floor )

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    Jesus tittyfucking christ!

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    Sounds like EWQL Symphonic Orchestra and Symphonic Choirs. Well done, sir and nice use of articulations in the brass sections.
    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stuh84 View Post
    Jesus tittyfucking christ!
    took the words out of my mouth...

    [VIDEO]]Team America: Jesus Titty fucking!!! - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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