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Thread: Back with a blast from the past

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    Back with a blast from the past

    Work/family's been keeping me busy so not been on here for a while, but I thought I'd kick off with a blast from my past. This is the set from the last gig of the last band I was in playing guitar, back from 2006. The band were called Promise No Lies. I'm the guitar that does all the clean bits, anything with an effect and the really bad solo's (hence why I don't play lead anymore). Gav is the guitar that swollows mine up in the mix. Guitars aren't that loud in the mix as we filled out the room volume with how loud we were on stage. My favourite track is the last one, I Try. Shows the more complex & melodic direction our newer stuff was going in before we split. Thankfully the mix swallows the truly, truly awful start to the solo in that one. Honestly, if you solo like me, DON'T play lead in a band. I learnt my lesson hearing this gig back.

    First song kicks in about 23 seconds in, after the intro.

    This one totally dies on it's arse when the clean bit kicks in, but the rest of the band didn't believe me telling them until they heard this. Still, picking back up from the clean bit is awesome. Maybe it just needed to drop to one guitar with distortion instead?
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