Obscura covering 'Flesh and the Power it Holds

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Thread: Obscura covering 'Flesh and the Power it Holds

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    Obscura covering 'Flesh and the Power it Holds

    And sounding fucking amazing.

    [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svV9usWliLk]Obscura - The Flesh and the Power it holds (2012) - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Some other treats on that demo:

    ‘Illegimitation’ Demo (2003):
    01. …and all will come to an end
    02. Crucified
    03. Fear
    04. Immanent Desaster

    ‘Cosmogenesis’ Preproduction (2006):
    05. Incarnated
    06. Open the Gates
    07. Headworm

    Recording Session 2011:
    08. Flesh and the Power it Holds (Death)
    09. Piece of Time (Atheist)
    10. How Could I (Cynic
    Argbadh - RHLCİ

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    I heard this awhile ago. Fucking love it.

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