Maylene and The Sons of Disaster have another album out!

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Thread: Maylene and The Sons of Disaster have another album out!

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    Maylene and The Sons of Disaster have another album out!

    Something off youtube:

    [VIDEO]]Maylene & the Sons of Disaster - "Open Your Eyes" - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    I think this album mellowed out a lot. This will make them more accessable, and it makes me wonder how the next album will turn out. I like it for what it is thus far.

    [VIDEO]]Maylene and the Sons of Disaster - Come For You - YouTube[/VIDEO]

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    I'll be buying this but yeah, it's got a little more polish on it than I'd like. This feels like the next incarnation of what the last album sounded like; for better or worse.

    I'm not somebody who bags on a band for evolving, so I'll try to make no exception here. Personally, I never thought of Dallas as any great singer and I'm not entirely sure why they decided to go this direction, especially because he's never pulled off the "singing" parts at all live when I saw them.

    One of the things that drew me to Maylene was how it lacked polish and just felt like it didn't give a fuck. Case in point, opening track of first album:

    [VIDEO]]Maylene and the Sons of Disaster- Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead - YouTube[/VIDEO]

    Just gets right in your fucking face and doesn't let off for that entire CD. II was very similar. This new sound is different and good in it's own way just... doesn't retain a lot of the old vibe.
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    The new stuff does nothing for me. Some of the riffs kick total ass, but its like
    kick ass countrysludge lick, and then a bunch of radio pop rock.
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    I really like everything that they have put out, I don't own the first album but my friend and I wore out his CD copy over the years, and my copies of II and III have been played a lot respectively, I've got to agree that I liked the old Maylene that lacked polish and was in your face all the time but, I feel like their progression has been natural. I really want to see them live sometime.

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