Who was the first guitarist with "singing" overdrive?

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Thread: Who was the first guitarist with "singing" overdrive?

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    Who was the first guitarist with "singing" overdrive?

    When does the SINGING lead tone emerge?

    Is there any credible singing lead tone before Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton of any real note?

    I don't mean buzzy distortion or growling guitar like Link Wray and others but gain used for a more singing lead tone (like early Beck and Clapton did for example)

    Who were the first guys to do this and preferably do it well?


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    Its origin was the sound of nails getting hammered through the flesh of Jesus.
    Upon this sound, the sky seperated and Wotan the Father came riding on Sleipnir down from Valhalla, handing a hammer to a soldier, and his words wereth heard all over the world: "YOU HAVE UNLOCKED LEVEL 2! USE THIS HAMMER, TO CRUSH YOUR ENEMIES IN RYTHM, MAKE THEM SING IN PAIN!".
    The soldier took the hammer, and felt immediately the unbending POWER running through his veins.
    No one knew that day, that the world will never be the same again.
    On this day, Heavy Metal was born.

    No, seriously, I have no idea.
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    Gee thanks.

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    This thread has been a success.
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    Aside from Jeff Beck, the guys I think of as really vocal-sounding all hit it in the 70s. Brian May, Santana...
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